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More than 7 billion people live on the planet Earth, which means that the chances of seeing any celebrity, even if you live in the capital, but do not attend thematic events, tend to zero. But what if you want to see superstars not only on TV, but also in their natural habitat?

We offer you a selection of the top 10 hotels that stars from the world of show business and cinema choose to live most often . Visit any of them, and you will not only see celebrities, but you will also be able to feel at the same level with them.

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Trump International Hotel (New York, USA)

The possessions of the new US president are located in the heart of New York – between Broadway and Central Park. This is a 52-story building, originally planned to sell off as private property, but because of state laws, only 200 apartments were sold, and the rest of the skyscraper began to be used as a hotel.

Staying at the Trump Hotel is expensive, but in it you will have at your disposal a chic room with a fantastic level of comfort and premium service. But the number of celebrities who opt for Trump Hotel NY, due to the massive boycott of Trump's star has been greatly reduced. Therefore, only the 10th line of the rating.

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Little Nell (Aspen, USA)

Little Nell is a 5-star hotel in the small town of Aspen, Colorado. The village has a population of 5 thousand. Man considered the most elite ski resort in the USA, and real estate in Aspen is the most expensive in America. Private estates in it have Roman Abramovich, Jack Nicholson, Rihanna, Antoni Banderas and other stars and the mighty of this world.

Having gone to Little Nell on the eve of Christmas, you can see the good A dozen celebrities: according to the Daily Mail, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Keith Hudson and Courtney Kardashian were accommodated this winter. It is worth living with a Hollywood beau monde not cheap – from 1500 dollars per night in a double room.

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JW Marriot Hotel (Mumbai, India)

What about the Bollywood stars? Their traditional haven deemed Hotel JW Marriot, luxurious establishment with a private beach, luxurious rooms and a huge swimming pool in the courtyard. It has repeatedly been seen such cult figures for India as Salman Khan, Ashvariya Rai and Priyanka Chopra – one of the most beautiful women of the planet.

For all the luxury, 5-star JW Marriot is very democratic prices. The cost of rooms in it starts from $ 200, which is a penny in comparison with the rest of our rating.

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Lowry Hotel (Manchester, England)

England is a country known as the ancestor of football, and the Lowry Hotel is considered one of the most popular hotels among professional football players. In it, for a long time lived the coach of Manchester United Jose Mourinho, in the away games of the Champions League Barcelona players, including Leo Messi, and many other famous representatives of the world's most popular game stayed.

The Lowry Hotel is a couple of miles from the legendary Old Trafford Stadium, and it's one of the most affordable 5-star hotels in England. Will be in Manchester – be sure to call!

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Mandarin Oriental (Hong Kong, China)

Mandarin is a hotel located in Hong Kong, on the shore of Victoria Harbor. This is one of the most prestigious hotels in the skies, in which reside the heights of the Chinese beau monde. Among the visitors were Lucy Lew, Helen Mirren, Vanessa May, Fan Bimbin (the model that lit up in the last part of the blockbuster Men-X) and others.

This institution is noteworthy yet Its restaurant, on account of which there are two Michelin stars and many international awards. This is a place that is worth a visit to enjoy unique gourmet dishes, even if you are indifferent to the stars and secular life.

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Hotel Hassler (Rome, Italy)

Hassler is a luxurious 5-star hotel located in the historical part of Rome, in the minute distance from the Spanish Steps, near the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. Here you will be offered exquisite old apartments, and the higher the cost of living, the better will be the view opening from the room windows.

At Hotel Hassler like to stay the couple Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Cruz and Jennifer Lopez. This is a cozy, small institution designed for 95 rooms, in which each of the guests can feel like a VIP-person.

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Goring Hotel (London, England)

Goring Hotel – the oldest hotel, which for more than 100 years is run by the Goring family. It was one of the first places in the UK to receive 5-star status from the Forbes Travel Guide, and unlike most hotels has its own unique history.

Hotel Goring since His foundation became a favorite among the British aristocracy, he often remained Queen Elizabeth (immediately made her last appeal to the press), the family of Winston Churchill, and US President Woodrow Wilson lived in Goring during his working visits to England.

The popularity of the hotel has not diminished and in our days For example in 2011, Kate Middleton spent in it a bachelorette party before going out to marry Prince William. Do you want to do the same? Overnight, you will have to shell out about $ 500.

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Hotel Plaza Athenee (Paris, France)

Paris Plaza is the most iconic hotel in the city, it stands out among the competitors not only luxury service and luxury, but also an extremely successful location. From the windows of the hotel you can see a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower, and next to it there is the grave of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Palace of the Invalides and the Trocadero Gardens.

Among the regular hotel guests there are many famous personalities: practically All the stars and politicians visiting Paris are populated in the Plaza. His love for this institution is known to Johnny Depp, also it is often noticed by Britney Spears, Natalie Portman and Milo Kunis.

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Carlyle Hotel (New York, USA)

Carlyle is one of the favorite places of the American beau monde. It all started back in 1960, when President John F. Kennedy bought a room in the hotel building for private residence for permanent residence – this event made the hotel cult and greatly increased its popularity.

Fact that in the current at the hotel restaurant has performed with his jazz band Woody Allen himself, it speaks volumes. It is noteworthy that, in addition to Americans, Carlisle is very fond of British celebrities, every time they visit the United States, members of the royal family, Beckham's wife and the Rolling Stones group stop.

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Hotel Beverly Hills (Los Angeles, USA)

Want to plunge into the Hollywood life and the world of rock stars in full? Go to Beverly Hills Hotel, as celebrities who have not visited this place, you can count on one hand. Lying on a nearby chaise lounge near Selena Gomez or eating in one restaurant with Robert de Niro – it's all real, but worth the money, the prices for the most basic rooms start from $ 800 per night.

And despite the incident that occurred in 2014, when many stars decided to boycott Hotel Beverly Hills because of the not tolerant position of its owner, which is the sultan of Brunei, in relation to the LGBT community, this hotel still remains the place where the stars Modern pop culture can be seen most often!

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