10 unusual gadgets presented in the framework of CES 2017


People carefully watching all sorts of announcements of technical novelties, involuntarily give the impression that the future has already come. Indeed, the sale comes so unusual devices that previously they could be read, except, in fantastic stories. Do not believe me? We will prove the opposite with the help of 10 unique devices, presented at the recently past CES-2017.

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] Proof – a fitness bracelet that determines the blood alcohol content

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Each person has a dose of alcohol, leading to serious intoxication, Different. Proof is a bracelet used to control the degree of intoxication, which is able to show you that drinking is enough. For measuring the amount of alcohol in the blood is responsible special electrochemical sensor.

The sensing element is a removable sensor, it must be changed regularly, as one cartridge can provide no more than 12 hours. The result of the measurement is displayed in the standard BAC system, indicating the ratio of ethanol to the volume of blood in the body.

Proof became one of the brightest projects of CES-2017, potentially capable of becoming not only a successful commercial thing, but also bringing a lot of usefulness in medicine . The funds for the gadget will be collected on the Kickstarter site, the expected cost of the device is from $ 100 to $ 150.

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Dring Smartcane – intellectual cane

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Dring – a joint development of the French start-up Niv'in and the design company Maison Fayet . Externally, this is a usual cane, which is distinguished by a stylish appearance, however, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a GSM module with a small speaker are hidden inside its handle.

With the help of a smart stuffing cane tracks the owner's movements And sends the results for processing to the cloud. Special software Niv'in analyzes the data and on their basis, based on the degree of motor activity, can predict the onset of a variety of diseases. Also, the cane is equipped with a hidden SOS button, when clicked on, an alarm is transmitted to the previously installed number, this can be either the contacts of social services or their own owners. There is also a sound response, which makes it clear that the signal has been received and has already reached the address.

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The Royole FlexPhone is a full-fledged smartphone

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The fact that the boom is soon to come Flexible screens and devices equipped with them, it's not a secret for everyone – rumors about this are actively discussed in all corners of the Internet. The first of such projects could be a smartphone from Royale, whose prototype was met with a warm welcome by the public.

The FlexPhone is a smartphone capable of bending and being used to wear on the wrist. Its weight is 100 grams, thickness – 5 mm. In addition to the usual functions of dialing, the ability to access the Internet and view media content, the gadget is able to monitor the performance of the body – the heart rate and the rhythm of breathing, analyze them and determine a person's condition. However, there is no information about the device stuffing and its estimated cost yet.

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Moen U – smart shower

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A smart shower worth $ 2,000, presented at CES-2017, left few people indifferent. Moen U is equipped with a special smart unit that is synchronized with your smartphone and lets you use your mobile device to control the temperature of water, its pressure, customize profiles the water supply (available mode of massage), set the time on and off the timer, play music, display the greeting and various reminders.

Owning a smartphone without moisture protection and do not worry, all the same thing can be done without the phone, using the physical buttons of management is located (19459003) 6 6

Cerevo Taclim – shoes for virtual reality

The Cerevo Taclim – shoes for virtual reality

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Cerevo Teclim – shoes that resemble sandals, not that huge shoes, or ordinary foot stoppers for snowboarding with an impressive size 29 * 14 * 10 cm, however, their appearance is secondary to the functionality -. this is the first in the world of shoes for virtual reality, equipped with a pair of the vibration motor, motion sensors, wireless communication module and clea m battery.

Taclim able to pass on the foot tactile sensations that occur when walking on certain surfaces, and to simulate the thrill of hitting the opponent with his foot. Also, the developer presented a special game for the PlayStation VR – Headbutt Factory, which reveals the full potential of the unusual device. On sale shoes will appear in late 2017 at a price of 1-1.5 thousand dollars.

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Ockel Sirius A – non-standard mini computer

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Ockel is a Tablet PC with an impressive set of ports running on Windows 10 The device is equipped with an Intel Atom x7 processor, 64 GB of internal and 4 GB of RAM, a 3000 mAh battery and a 5-megapixel camera. There is also an accelerometer, a magnetometer and a gyroscope designed to increase the accuracy of the satellite area.

There is also the older computer modification, differing 128/8 GB of memory and enlarged to 3,500 battery capacity. The cost is 699 and 799 dollars respectively. It is unclear just the positioning of the device, for use as a tablet, it is too inconvenient in view of the unusual shape of the case, whereas up to a full-fledged PC Sirius A does not draw too much because of the weak processor.

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Razer Project Valerie is a unique gaming notebook

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] Project Valerie from Razer is a laptop with three screens, having a total resolution of 11520 * 2160 pixels. The central screen of the laptop is the main one, the other two are pushed out on the sides using a special hinge system, which ultimately gives an almost panoramic view. The diagonal of each of the IZGO screens is 17.3 inches, the resolution is 4K.

The laptop has an impressive weight of 5.4 kilograms, and whether mass production is planned until it is known . However, the fact that the Project Valerie was very popular with the public is evidenced at least by the fact that at the end of the presentation day the prototype of the laptop was stolen directly from the stand.

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Kerastase Hair Coach – clever comb

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Kerastase – Developed by the joint efforts of the brands of Nokia and Loreal. Her expected price is $ 200, and for this money the user will receive a comb with a microphone, gyro, conductometric sensor and a whole set of sensors responsible for determining the force of pressing, the humidity of the hair and the unbreakable vortexes.

The practical value of the comb is in its ability to give voice recommendations for hair care products, to provide the weather forecast and to determine whether the user cares for his hair properly. Kerastase Hair Coach will be on sale in the beginning of 2017.

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Robot egg from Panasonis

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Panasonic position their development not only as a device for entertainment, but also as a serious machine for teaching children. The egg companion robot is able to maintain full communication with the owner (naturally, only in English) thanks to the presence of a voice generator and multimedia projector. He can independently connect to the cloud, download and process the necessary information, provide it to the user and execute the received commands.

The smart egg has compact dimensions – 29 * 48 cm and weight 3.7 kg , The undercarriage is represented by a wheeled chassis and four servo drives, developing speeds of up to 3.5 km / h. The official price of the device is not yet reported, but the robot will cost at least 1-1.5 thousand dollars.

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Sleep Nubmer company has been developing smart beds since 2014, It was then that the first model was presented at number x12. The concept was continued in the Sleep Number 360, which was given the opportunity to change its rigidity and shape depending on the user's preferences, and the ability to adjust to the user's comfort.

From the owner's movements. Also, 360 has a heated zone around the legs, a rising part near the head (when lifting stops snoring) and a built-in alarm clock. In this case, the bed is divided into two independent compartments, each of which can be adjusted to the discretion of an individual user. The estimated price of the novelty is 5-6 thousand dollars.

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