10 WTF Times That Online Shopping Had Failed Hilariously

Online shopping is pretty great, but it also comes with some negatives.

1. Feeling Blue

On the left: A magnificent mermaid!

On the right: Ariel’s a teenager and that’s an awkward time for everyone, okay?!

2. WHY Jeans?!


3. Spring Has Sprung Or Something

Every girl deserves to feel like a princess on their wedding day. Someone needs to tell online retailers that “shriveled up cupcake” does not equal “princess.”

4. Nightmare Fuel Onesie

Remember Sully, the beloved blue monster in Monsters Inc.? Meet his stunt double. Pixar takes the safety of their lead actors very seriously, okay?!

5. Work It Girl

She’s ready for a night at the club! The ripped apart tablecloth club. It’s very exclusive.

6. Let Me Slip Into Something More Comfortable

She wanted something sexy and sheer. What she got was sheer confusion.

7. Yeah, That’s The Same

Here comes the bride… straight to the post office to ship back this atrocity.

8. Back The F Up

“The fabric TOTALLY blends in.” – Liars who took your money.

9. So Much Potential Lost

You mean you wanted a peacoat that doesn’t look like it’s choking you? Huh, weird.

10. Pity In Pink

Now with 500 percent more Pepto Bismol! Prom truly is the most magical day of a teenager’s life.


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