11 People Who Really, Really, Really Want to Be Kim Kardashian

There are some people who aspire to be butchers, bakers and even candlestick makers. 

And then there are some people who just really, really, really want to be Kim Kardashian because YOLO.

We’ve rounded up 10 individuals who either do or want to resemble the reality star. And, naturally, we’ve ranked them.

1. James Parke, 23

Status: Hopefully speaking to a therapist about his obsession.

Is He ACTUALLY Trying to Look Like Her?: YAAAAS and he’s already spent $150,000 trying (and failing) to replicate the former sex tape superstar’s look.

Best Quote, Like, Ever: “I love her bum, her bum’s amazing. When she did the [‘Paper’] cover when the bum was out, I think she looked amazing, she’s an inspiration.”

Guy’s already had lip fillers and chin fillers to match Kim’s face. It’s time for a refund, brah.

2. Claire Leeson, 24

Status: Hopefully working 300 jobs to pay off her ridiculous amount of debt. She should then have some money left over to get serious help.

Is She ACTUALLY Trying to Look Like Her?: Yes, so much so she’s spent nearly $40,000 and is now in more than $11,000 worth of debt.

Best Quote, Like, Ever: “I work, my job doesn’t pay enough… I’ve used credit cards to pay for everything. I’m in major debt. I say that I’m going to pay them but as soon as money comes in I just think about getting my Kimmy on. It may not be right but when I do it I’m unstoppable and no one can touch me.”

“Getting my Kimmy on” is probably the best thing we’ve ever heard. Bless her heart.

3. Milana Aslani, Age Unknown

Status: Complaining that looking like Kim has apparently “ruined” her career.

Is She ACTUALLY Trying to Look Like Her?: She claims she’s not, but her Instagram speaks volumes…

Best Quote, Like, Ever: “…I have found that looking like Kim Kardashian has ruined my modeling and reality TV career. If I could go back to change the way I look to not look like Kim Kardashian, I definitely would.”

Somebody call the wambulance.

4. Marianna Hewitt, 28

Status: Blogging about makeup and stuff/straight up copying everything Kim does.

Is She ACTUALLY Trying to Look Like Her?: She hasn’t said it herself, but there’s no doubt she seeks some inspiration from Yeezy’s leading lady…

Best Quote, Like, Ever: “I have long been a fan of Kim Kardashian since 2006. She is so beautiful, hardworking and such a sweet person.”

We’re seeing double. And it’s kind of scary. Kim, get some extra security.

5. Jimena Sanchez, 30

Status: A sports presenter for Fox Deportes, the Latin American version of Fox Sports, who’s looooovin’ the fact she looks like Kim.

Is She ACTUALLY Trying to Look Like Her?: Probs — considering she enjoys being called the “Mexican Kim Kardashian.”

Best Quote, Like, Ever: “I really like the attention and the support of my fans is important to me.”

We’re pretty sure Kim’s said the same exact thing before…

6. Naya Rivera, 28

Status: Pregnant and probably looking for someone to hire her now that ‘Glee’s’ over.

Is She ACTUALLY Trying to Look Like Her?: She’d say no, but COME ON.

Best Quote, Like, Ever: This actually comes from Kim’s bestie Jonathan Cheban. After Naya dissed Kim for getting naked for ‘Paper’ magazine, he wrote, “We all know you want to be Kim, but you don’t got it boo, and the only cover you will be gracing is the Single White Female 2 straight to DVD box set.”

Emoji claps all around, Cheban.

7. Kathy Ferreiro, 21

Status: Trying to become Cuba’s “answer” to Kim Kardashian …

Is She ACTUALLY Trying to Look Like Her?: Why would she? She’s 100 PERCENT NATURAL BABY.

Best Quote, Like, Ever: “I do my own thing and stay in my own lane. I’m not with the hype.”

8. Lilit Avagyan, 27

Status: Married to Kim’s ex Reggie Bush and more than likely rolling her eyes every time someone says “You look exactly like Reggie’s ex!”

Is She ACTUALLY Trying to Look Like Her?: No, but she really does look like Kim’s sista from anotha mista. The resemblance is uncanny…and pretty hilarious when you think about how this all worked out.

Reggie sure does have a type…

9.Nadia Aboulhosn, 26

Status: Killing it in the modeling industry.

Is She ACTUALLY Trying to Look Like Her?: Sure, both gals have curvaceous bodies, but Nadia doesn’t wake up every single day with the goal of trying to look exactly like North West’s mama (that’s all you, James). And while she’s often compared to Kim, Nadia doesn’t REALLY resemble the reality star.

They do, however, have a knack for wearing high-waisted skirts and crop tops!

10. Kylie Jenner, 18

Status: Devising a plan to reach the top, posing in inappropriate clothing and spending 40 minutes to draw on her lips.

Is She ACTUALLY Trying to Look Like Her?: Get with the program, guys. She’s trying to look like North — DUH.

Best Quote, Like, Ever: “The people who really inspire me style-wise are obviously Kim and Kanye.”

Like, obviiiiiiiiiiiii. If you go to her Instagram page, it’s pretty damn apparent she’s got her sister on the brain.

11. Conchita Wurst, 26

Proof that Conchita is just Kim Kardashian with a beard.

What’s better than one Kim Kardashian West? ELEVEN!


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