13 People Who Took Things A Little Bit Too Literally

“Literally” is a word used misused far too often.

“I like literally died”. Well no you didn’t because you couldn’t literally speak if you literally died.

These 17 people however, did literally what the instructions told them to do, and it’s pretty hilarious.

1. Well, they’re not wrong.

2. You could just buy an iPhone watch and all your problems would be solved.

3.This must hold up so much traffic.

4. Hope was asked to name the quadrilaterals. Why would she name one Tedison? 

5. It’s better than a curb sandwich.

6. You need to calm down and act cool when asking for drugs.

7. Uhm OK.

8. Look but no touching.

9. Smoking areas are getting smaller and smaller these days.

10. People are going to rough up their hands today. 

11. Sorry bud.

12. Maybe they thought the person was starring in The Color Purple.

13. Again, they’re not wrong.


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