13 Reasons Why Wearing A Bra Is the Worst

We hate bras.

Either they’re too tight and uncomfortable, or they don’t provide enough support, especially during a workout (or when we’re running to catch the subway). So to be honest, wearing a bra is actually the worst.

Luckily, we may get our hi-tech “Bionic Bra” soon. But before it happens, wearing a bra is still the worst.

Don’t believe us? Click through the gallery above for 13 reasons why bras are the absolute worst.

1.First Things First: Expectations Of What You Should Look Like In A Bra:


We’re not Victoria’s Secret Angels. Ugh.

2.It is impossible to find the right bra

3.Bras Are Just Plain Uncomfortable.

Especially Ones With Underwire Cups.

They’re like modern torture devices! All the poking and prodding…

4.And Your Bra Straps Always Seem To Break At The Most Inopportune Moments.

5.Adjusting your girls in public? Big No-No

6.And Don’t Even Get Us Started On Strapless Bras…

They NEVER Stay Where They’re Supposed To

7.And They Make Your Boobs Look Funny.

8.And Our Partners Always Seem To Have Trouble Getting Them Off (Hehe)

Things can get awkward…

9.They Can Ruin Your Entire Outfit

Don’t even think about trying to find a bra that works with a backless dress!

10.No matter how tight you make the straps they always seem to fall off your shoulders.

Or they’ll dig into your flesh and quietly hurt you all day.

11.Hand washing? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

12.And then there’s ghost boobs.

13.Plus, The Good Ones Are Always Ridiculously Expensive

So, quite Simply, We’d Much Rather Go Without Them

There is nothing more symbolic of freedom than the ceremonious unhooking of your bra. You are free from all the constraints of life; it’s time to let those babies breathe! Let Freedoom ring!!


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