14 Hottest Athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

When the 2016 Olympic games kick off today in Rio, we will begin to witness the finest athletes from around the entire globe. 

On land, in water, and flying through the air (go hurdlers, go!), these people have been training their entire lives to get a shiny piece of metal around their necks.

It will be close to impossible to take your eyes away from the talent, from the determination, and from those bodies. Oohwee!

So these are the 18 hottest athletes that have come to bare it all: their souls and talents in their respective sports, and their banging bodies for the the world to gaze upon. 

1. David Oliver


SPORT: Track & field (hurdles)

He won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic games, but he should get a gold medal for his perfect body.

2. Tom Daley


SPORT: Diving

Daley won a bronze medal at the 2012 games, as well as lots of new adoring fans. The Speedos helped, in both cases.

3. Jaqueline Carvalho


SPORT: Volleyball

A perfect example of what Brazil is best at “producing” (beautiful people, obvs), Jaqueline is a vital part of her country’s legendary female volleyball team, which won a gold medal in both Beijing 2008 and London 2012.

There’s nothing like winning at home though, so let’s cross our fingers for this gorgeously talented lady in 2016.

4. Michael Phelps


SPORT: Swimming

Phelps has won 18 Olympic gold medals (22 total!), so all that bling on his chest only makes his body even hotter.

5. Luca Dotto


SPORT: Swimming

There must be literally something in the water, as Luca is the first of four male water athletes to make our list of the 2016 Rio Olympics hottest athletes.

Though boasting a high-flying sports career, this 1.92m-tall hunk has been working as model for high fashion brands like Emporio Armani since 2012. Good for him and even better for us!

6. Allison Stokke


SPORT: Pole Vaulter

Stokke broke school pole vaulting records while studying at University of California, Berkeley, and her personal best is vaulting 4.36 meters—over 14 feet. Her partnership with GoPro resulted in this video, which has over 6 million views on YouTube.

7. Tony Yoka


SPORT: Boxing

Yoka is making his very first appearance at the Olympic games this year. His nickname is “The Artist”, maybe for the way he sculpted those biceps?

8. Natasha Hastings


SPORT: Track & field

Returning for her second Olympic games, track and field star Natasha Hastings always looks her best both on and off the track.

9. Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior


SPORT: Soccer

Neymar is the fifth-highest scorer for the Brazilian national team, with 46 goals in 70 games, and he is often compared to fellow Brazilian Pelé. Neymar plays for Barcelona during the regular season.

10. Aly Raisman


SPORT: Gymnastics

Raisman is the returning gold medal winner to this year’s games, and since her last victory, she competed on Dancing with the Stars in 2013, coming in fourth place with partner Mark Ballas.

11. Lauren Sesselmann


SPORT: Soccer

Raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Sesselmann gained Canadian citizenship in 2010 and played for the Canadian national team in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup—Canada lost to England in the quarterfinals. She is a defender.

12. Damian De Allende

COUNTRY: South Africa

SPORT: Rugby

Manning centre or wing position, De Allende has played for rugby squads in Japan and South Africa. This year is the Olympic debut for Rugby Sevens, or rugby with seven players per team.

13. Mikaela Mayer


SPORT: Boxer

A three-time USA boxing champion, Mayer will compete in the lightweight class. She did not pick up boxing until she was 17.

14. Matheus Santana


SPORT: Swimming

Santana broke the junior world record twice for the 400 meter free in 2014. This will be his first Olympic Games.

Good luck (gawking) at the 2016 Olympic Games!

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