16 Realistic Tattoos That Are So Convincing You Won’t Be Able to Look Away

Just like movies and games, adding dimensions to a piece of artwork gives it life. So it’s a no-brainer that people have started bringing the 3-dimensional factor into their tattoos.

Tattoo artists are so skilled today that they can create optical illusions of any kind on your skin. They can make your tattoos look photo-realistic and we got the images to prove them.

1. A to-do list on a scrap of paper pinned to the skin.

2. A man peeking out the door.

3. A woman’s face with vibrant lips.

4. A tattoo gun behind a garter.

5. A misplaced puzzle piece.

6. A live spider on the chest.

7. A live butterfly.

8. A map underneath the skin.

9. Wires sticking out of the back of the head.

10. A skeleton hand coming out of the skin through a zipper.

11. A city man on a plank.

12. A cobra going in and out of the skin.


13. Nails hammered into the shoulder.

14. A pen behind the ear.

15. The spiderman suit underneath the chest’s skin.

16. An unbuttoned belly shirt.


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