7 Selfies Everyone Has Sent From The Fitting Room

Sometimes a selfie is all you need.

Take the best kind of selfies – the kind you love – when you in the fitting room.

1. The “Sunglasses on” Selfie

When you’re feelin sassy.

2. The “Complete Look” Selfie

When you’re about to buy literally every item on your body.

3. The “Please tell me you like this” Selfie

When you’re in love with the outfit but you just need a little confirmation.

4. The “Super Sexy” Selfie

When you’re sending it to someone special.

5. The “You fancy” Selfie

When you’re shopping for something formal and things are heating up.

6. The “Yes or no” Selfie

When you’re on the fence.

7. The “Kissy face” Selfie

Everybody’s sent one.

If you never have taken a selfie in the fitting room, you may never take a selfie.


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