9 Times K-Pop Girls’ Stage Outfits Might Have Been TOO Revealing

Girls groups’ stage outfits are getting more and more daring it seems, and stylists job is to find the most unique and sexy outfits as possible. 

But sometimes groups have performed in skirts that may be considered too short, and show off a little more than desired.

Here are 9 times when our favorite female idols’ stage oufits that might gave been too revealing.

1. Class 1 Grade 7

This outfit sparked couples with their suggestive dance moves sparked some controversy.

As the name of the group and concept represent a high school class, it seemed indecent to sexualize them using such provocative dances in school uniform style outfits.

2. Sistar

On the 31st broadcast of KBS’s Music Festival show, Sistar performed their song “So Cool” in very short red dresses….maybe a bit too short for some fans.

3. Hello Venus

When Hello Venus’ “Wiggle Wiggle” came out, they became an instant topic of discussion, mainly for the provocative attire.

Although they said it was comfortable to wear, some netizens believed that they were exposing a bit too much.

4. Girl’s Generation – Tiffany & Taeyeon

Tiffany and Taeyeon covered ‘Lady Marmalade’ and to go along with the theme of the song they wore flamboyant provocative consumes that made fans’ jaws drop.

5. AOA – Seolhyun

For their comeback all the girls wore spy-like skintight leather custom outfits, but the most eye-popping was by far was Seolhyun’s, one piece outfit.

With a transparent midriff section, no shoulders, and revealing some cleavage, fans rated it the sexiest and most revealing of the group.

6. Stellar – UFO Comeback

Whilst making their comeback with their song “UFO” in 2012, girl group Stellar seemed to have revealed a little more than they wanted to.

Prior to the live performance, fans and netizens alike called the group out for their revealing attire in the music video for the same song.

However, things seemed to have gotten more revealing with this live performance, as pictures show them revealing their safety shorts.

7. Miss A – Suzy

During a concert in China, miss A’s Suzy was photographed wearing what was probably her most revealing outfit to date.

The wide open top she wore showed off her cleavage, while her short black shirt and thigh-high socks showed off alot of lower body skin.

Reactions to the outfit were varied, some expressing dislike over the outfit while others expressed delight: “Why doesn’t she wear this type of costumes in our country [Korea]?”

8. 4Minute – Hyuna

Hyuna caught the eyes of fans around the world with Bubble Pop’s daring choreography and short shorts.

This outfit raised eyebrows within the censorship committee, who demanded Hyuna to change both the dance and outfit.

In response Hyuna canceled all future shows, refusing to perform the song without the original moves or outfit.

9. EXID – Jung Hwa

At just 17 years old when the photos were taken, fans expressed their outrage over Jung Hwa’s outfit for their song “Every Night.”

Jung Hwa sported very short shorts and red and white see through shirts that revealed most of her upper body.

Fans believed the outfit was way too sexy for such a young girl, some fans even asked: “How could the CEO make a 17-year-old wear something like this?”


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