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Harvard graduate and former junior chess champion James Damore (James Damore) has worked for Google since 2013. But all its positive qualities and intelligence could not outweigh the negative in the form of gender stereotypes, because of which Google had to fire him. The fact is that James tried to document that women are biologically less adaptable to programming than men, so the company will find it difficult to achieve the goal of 50% of women in the state.

He cited scientific research that women are more interested in people, Not things. In addition, Deimore went for those other points where women supposedly differ from men. For example, extraversion, more pronounced sociability and inclination to agree with the interlocutor (hence their lower salaries), more pronounced neuroticism (hence higher stress), and more. What is characteristic, in his manifesto, Demore cited evidence. Some theses are supported by references to scientific research or articles. Among the sources are Wikipedia articles, blog posts, research papers, links to internal forums for Google employees, articles in The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, The New Yorker and many others, including small publications like the libertarian magazine Quillette.

In general, the programmer showed extreme politically incorrectness.

James Deimore outlined his position in the 10-page manifesto of Google's Ideological Echo Chamber (pdf), where he expressed his attitude to the politically correct policy of Google, which does not allow openly discussing topics like the inferiority of people of a different sex. James believes that these topics need to be discussed. He is sincerely convinced that women are different from men.

One of the tables in the manifesto shows the difference between left and right ideologies.

According to James, Google adheres to the left ideology, that is, the company is initially biased. Although in words she constantly emphasizes the importance of equality and objectivity, in fact it is a leftist company.

The Manifesto quickly spread among the staff, everyone began to discuss it. Worse, on Saturday August 5th, the Gizmodo website published the text of the manifesto, however, without references and diagrams (all of them are in the full PDF version of the link above). Some women expressed their indignation and demanded to take measures against the sexist.

The management of the company found nothing better than to fire James, because of which such a scandal erupted. The programmer confirmed the fact of dismissal and said that the cause was "perpetuated gender stereotypes." At the moment he "studies all possible remedies."

After the dismissal, the scandal erupted with renewed vigor. In support of James, a strong campaign of right-wing activists-right-wingers Alt-Right at the Reddit and others forums, started collecting money and collecting signatures, launched a hashtag @BoycottGoogle.

One of the Alt-Right activists

On Monday August 7 Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent a letter to employees explaining the company's position on the manifesto. He said that the company respects the right of employees to express their opinions, but in certain fragments of the manifesto the author violates the Code of Conduct and crosses the line, promoting "harmful gender stereotypes in the work environment" and expressing the opinion that "a group of our colleagues are biologically Less adapted to work. " This can not be allowed. You can not judge people by their sex. It is impossible that every time opening their mouths at a general meeting, a woman should prove that she is not as described in the manifesto – "compliant," "unstable to stress," and "neurotic," the CEO believes.

At the same time, Sundar Pichai assured the rest of the staff that they can express their opinions boldly and not be afraid. Many other issues raised in the manifesto-the criticism of Google's trainings, the role of ideology in the workplace, the controversy that programs for women and minorities are not open to all, are really important topics. Discussion of these topics is encouraged.

It's very difficult to get information from Google because employees sign strict information disclosure agreements. But some still agree on the conditions of anonymity to tell what is happening inside. One of them said that the James Manifesto received great support among the staff. Many people believe that the author has the right to express his opinion, some call him a brave person, and only women say that "it's terrible."

An anonymous Blind chat on Google channel (google.com mailbox registration) Some employees say that Google really created a "monoculture of political correctness" in which all opponents are forced to remain silent. And if a person refuses to remain silent – we see what happens to him on the example of James Deimore. Others say that James is just an idiot who justifies his sexism, under the cover of pseudoscience.

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