About weight loss from the point of view of a chemist. How I reprogrammed my body

Annotation: A story about how I approached the process of improving my body from the "chemist's point of view" and what came out of it. In short: – I have lost a lot of weight by 28 kg (the process has slowed down and is quite manageable), many elements of the physical state have greatly improved. In general, there are many advantages, especially with sedentary work, as it happens when working with computers. Unexpectedly – that it was possible to do without the depressing and unacceptable for me diets. Cons – for this process I had to allocate a lot of time. Especially in the beginning, when the body has not yet adjusted properly. It can be difficult to fall asleep, However, I got what happened, and it was much better than what I expected.

The purpose of writing: Among the acquaintances, the emotional impact of my example diverges in circles, of course, everyone wants to know the Secret (the Secret of the Polishinel really is). Unfortunately, if I explain in a nutshell the essence of my actions – walking and eating, though full, but not often, this leads only to misunderstanding and denial .- "For me it is impossible." For me, this was also impossible, that's why I decided to write this article, in which I will try to present my reasoning, the actions taken and ways to facilitate the processes of splitting the body's stored fats, without suffering from hunger and minimal health risks.
If you are interested, please go to the cut, promise many letters and few pictures.

I'm not going to promote any method, I want to consider my experience, give more information, draw some conclusions, and you try to apply this experience and ideas to your circumstances. Yes, and in itself, weight loss does not solve anything – good health and self-esteem is much more useful, it just so happens that less weight – better health.
For myself, I formulate my actions as reprogramming the dopamine stimulation of the body from food to movement. Maybe it does not sound right from a medical point of view, let the medical comrades correct me. However, especially the first months, I was in a state of constant arousal, such activity, I'm not afraid of this word, even easy euphoria, but without stimulants and some additional medications, which seems to confirm my assumptions.

Background: I'm 55+. An artificial heart valve, so I never had a good physical shape. He was always prone to fatness. Once, when I was young, I had a weight loss experience of 15 kilograms with the help of Herbalife. It worked, but … this is a very tough and brutal decision, I was lucky that I did not significantly damage myself. So, when I found a defect in the aortic valve of the heart and performed an operation to repair it, although everything went well and well, it coincided that I had problems with work. Well, how to say the problem – it was gone. Crisis-shmizis. And I, respectively, Depression – different in depth and severity, but constant (I now realized that she was, I thought she was just bad health and getting old). In winter it's very bad, in the summer it's better. And so years 6. Difficulties began with the lungs, legs began to swell and hurt. About the growing abdomen and can not speak. And so, after a long-treated and well-cured bronchitis (and he was after a long and not very well cured pneumonia), I decided that I was sick of it and should fight at least with lung problems.
Theory, the beginning : I began to think. When I lay in the hospital with the heart of the physician all the ears buzzed about the fact that when there is a lack of movement, stagnation of fluid in the lungs occurs and their purification becomes difficult. This leads to bronchitis and pneumonia. With violations of blood circulation in the legs, their compartments and pain is the same – with prolonged sitting, hydrostatic pressure gradually disrupts the operation of the vessels of the legs. As I understand it, normally, there are valves in blood vessels that let blood pass, but contain a constant pressure component. When walking, they work well because of movement and good circulation of blood. In view of the connectedness of these problems – legs and lungs – with insufficient movement, it was possible to try to treat three birds with one stone: – also losing weight in the bargain.
Once, to the place and time, my mother suggested that I buy a pedometer. In order not to be accused of advertising, I keep silent, and slapping slippers – painfully primitive. I'm not rich and many of this thing for less than 30 euros will seem miserable. But I'm missing the fact that she works for a long time with a single charge and measures my physical activity. The strap is comfortable – good plastic, put on your hand and do not remove even under the shower and overnight. At night, it is important to leave – it's important to look at the morning and calm down that you have not slept too little, because on the pulse and movements in a dream, Sh distinguishes between deep, shallow sleep and wakefulness. Measures steps – the algorithm is probably imperfect, the steps can get noticeably energetically different. Communication with the smartphone and pulse meter. It first interested me. After all, based on the conditions of the problem, I have a limitation on the pulse of 120. This is due to the fact that the efficiency of the artificial heart valve with a pulse more than 120 drops sharply. In practice it turned out that, to me this pulsomer as a rabbit is the fifth foot. If the pulse is too fast-the valve starts to flow the blood back, the effectiveness of the blood supply falls, I'm weak and wait until the heart calms down. Bioautomatics!
So in the program associated with the pedometer, I saw a lot of moments helping a person to light up their successes, push him to fulfill their goals. I appreciated this approach and decided not to neglect it. Support for morale is an important factor, they should not be neglected. If with small tricks we can make it a difficult task for myself, then I personally do not mind!
Now about the chemistry of this case. Based on the general laws of chemistry, let's look at the process of accumulation and splitting of fat in the body. Simplified. Highly.
In general, the energy needs of the body are covered by glucose. Virtually everything that we eat, one way or another turns into glucose and spreads throughout the body. If you do not like the simplification of "glucose", you can substitute "the main energy carrier". Carries glucose to the consumers-cells blood. When we eat something, it splits and an mass, so to speak, turns into glucose. At the same time the level of glucose in the blood increases.
If the blood glucose level falls below a certain threshold, we begin to feel hungry. By the way, we have, as it were, two triggers for triggering a feeling of hunger: – according to the level of glucose and the level of fullness of the stomach. The second – even though it is a reserve one, but in practice, many of us use it too much 8).
In the event that the glucose level begins to exceed a certain threshold, special cells begin to turn it into fat and make reserves for a "rainy day" and vice versa, when lowering below a certain level, these cells begin to break down the fat from the stocks, turning it somehow (I'm not Penetrated, the details here are not important) into glucose.
There are two types of adipose tissue: white and brown. White – the one that makes us fat, in it the fat in the cage is concentrated in one big drop, occupying most of the cell volume, the speed of the exchange processes in it is low, because such fatty tissue, though quite easily increases its reserves, but with difficulty gives them

This is due to the fact that for heterophase reactions the reaction rate is determined by the area of ​​the reaction surface.
Do not be scared, let's explain easier. – Fat does not mix with water, but fat dissolution occurs from the contact surface of the fatty drop with the aquatic environment of the cell. It is in the aqueous intracellular environment that the corresponding enzymes work, which also break down the fat in case of need. The situation is similar to the process of heat transfer – the larger the area of ​​contact, the easier it is to heat transfer. That's why the radiators are made ribbed. Chemists are easier – in such cases they can simply grind the drops. For a lot of small drops, the total surface is much larger and it turns out that the reaction rate increases many times.
Brown fat tissue – this is the very thing – a lot of small droplets, there is also the cell itself is much better equipped with mechanisms of cleavage. In general – brown fatty tissue easily and quickly gives accumulated fat. Right now, when I wrote this article, I learned that: "Recent studies have shown that physical exercises entail the isolation of an unknown hormone, irisin, which causes white fat to become brown and prevents obesity"
So I though did not know this fact, but my below-stated reasonings are completely confirmed.
I argued as follows: – The concentration of glucose for the onset of fat deposition should obviously be higher than the concentration for the beginning of the splitting of fat, and this difference varies from person to person. Delta, hysteresis of obesity, so to speak. In fact, this is a very simplistic approach. Chemical processes occur simultaneously in both directions, in chemistry it is almost always so. The question is their speed. But the resultant is quite consistent with this simplification.
Means it is necessary to create such conditions that the process of fat burning dominates the process of fat accumulation: we make small but constant energy consumption and a fairly rare supply. He chose walking as the combustion process. This is the safest and most reliable way. Running – I do not advise, it turns out the opposite effect, you burn glucose too quickly and fat cells do not have time to fight it. It turns out either a splash of hunger, or a sharp deterioration in the state of health until you sing, as I had. Restricted the number of meals – first two meals a day, then retracted, one. And – no candy, piercing, drinks in breaks or boredom.
For my reasons, the movement should improve the circulation of biological fluids everywhere, including in fat cells. This means that metabolic processes in fat cells will be accelerated and facilitated. Along the way, motor activity leads to activation of lung cleaning – the phenomena of stagnation disappear, the outflow of fluid in the legs improves. With sedentary work, swollen legs are a serious problem. The functioning of the gastrointestinal tract also improves. I did not think about this, but what is, that is, the theory predicts this.

So, how to burn fats is understandable. Walking – but it's better to modify a little, about this later. The question remains with the frequency of food intake. I must also want to eat, what should I do with this? In fact, not everything is so terrible, very often we want to eat from nothing to do and in a habit. Let's see the daily routine and the desire to eat: Morning – for a night the blood glucose level rises slightly, because fat cells live and function even at night, and muscular, in the majority, at night, energy consumes little. There is some excess of energy in the system. Do not confuse sugar levels with low blood pressure! Although the symptoms seem to be – weakness, lethargy. When we sleep, blood pressure should normally go down. Simply, there is no need to pump blood so high – we are lying down, our head is low. When we get up, the pressure in the system at some point will remain at night – low and this pressure will be missed for good blood supply and well-being. This is one of the reasons why people drink coffee in the morning. But this is absolutely not necessary! You can do with a glass of water – so they say, I have been under a lot of pressure for a long time, so I do not feel it. Another option is a moderate physical load aka charging. Yes, the physical load increases not only the pulse, but also the pressure. If you start to move / do the exercises, not only will the pressure return to normal, but the movement will facilitate the splitting of fats, there will not be any desire to eat.
Closer to the point: In the morning, immediately after the toilet procedures, I'm going to take charge. I call it so. It looks like a free-style dance, with elements of handwriting and generosity to the music that captures me / really likes / immerses in trance. It is important that the dance / gymnastics be done with pleasure, stretching, if possible, all muscle groups. Usually it is 4000-8000 steps in Sh. At the beginning it was 30 minutes, now it's an hour and a half. Up to 8000 steps by the pedometer. Of course, such a load is not established immediately, but gradually. The process should be like. Sometimes I even light Indian sticks-stink for a bright color – in general, try to make it a ritual and a habit that is fun.
The chemical layer number 2. For such actions as hours of work and the ability to forget about food, you need strong resources. Those people who have enough willpower to stop eating and moving should not get fat how much and hardly read this article. So, we'll look for that we have such a chemical in our body that we can be persuaded to refuse – completely voluntarily! – from a dense, delicious breakfast and instead a few hours to dance to the music, even if it's popular. Aha! This is probably called narcotics. In the sense – substances that are naturally produced in our body. In general, the body turns out to be a lot of interesting things in this regard. Even opiates and endorphins. However, according to my feelings, this should be more about dopamine.
For the first time densely with a pronounced process of highlighting something like this, I ran into when I came to work at the IHPF after graduate school. There I had a very interesting task – the development of the interface node of the old X-ray diffractometer DRON-2 with the PC "Pravets" – it was a clone of the IBM PC XT. So, after spending about 10 hours at the computer, I returned home though with a sore head, but in a state of euphoria. Up to the point that the headache began to be perceived as something pleasant. I understand that this is the action of the hormone dopamine, a factor in the internal reward system. Often people avoid using it primarily in the process of eating or with the appearance of love, the joy of physical activity / sport – also produces a similar effect. Shopaholics, alcoholics – probably, too? There is such a fixation on different spheres. If it so happened that the process of eating has taken too much of our lives (do not scold the new word, I want to play pranks), then you can and should try to switch from one to another – to the joy of physical exercise.

It's for the charging process to be fun, I immediately, starting in the morning, start charging under (fast, dance) music that captures and dances me, because it's nice and it's easy enough to get into a trance-something like meditation, When you do not notice the time. During charging and some time after, there is no desire – the movement facilitates the bioavailability of fats in fatty tissues.
But what about an empty stomach, which, as they say, will eat itself? I do not know, it seems to me that a healthy stomach can stay without food for a sufficient amount of time. However, due to the not very good state of the stomach, and at the same time taking anticoagulants (the valve is worth it), it is prescribed to drink Lansul – a medicine that reduces acidity (not advertising! -to whom, like there are different, this one comes up to me under any name, but with the same substance) . Then I ate breakfast … Yes, 2-3 spoons of fish oil from cod liver (we only Norwegian and it is very good) eating it with salt sprinkled with salt.
I can imagine what a groan will begin here that it's tasteless. If you are not tasty tasty fish oil with a loaf, then you do not want to eat. If you can not convince yourself to eat this – means the ability to convince yourself and the plasticity of your mind are not enough and you are unlikely to be able to take advantage of my experience. I so assume, although fish oil is not a panacea, but a good indicator of your real desire. At the same time, fish oil is an important component of nutrition. I wrote an article about fats, there it was a little understood. If in brief – there is nothing to replace fish oil, and it is highly desirable to use it. This is based on modern ideas about nutrition.

Chemical layer number 3. The fact is that when we go into the regime of such rather large loads and small food consumption -one / two times a day, at once too much food is not damp, it is very important to ensure receipt The right vitamins and minerals. I take a pill of good multivitamins and a tablet of calcium / magnesium / zinc + D3. In the morning, vitamins, minerals for the night. And if I forget to take minerals – the next day slightly reduces the arms, legs. Large loads, a lack of magnesium. This is because under heavy loads, minerals are washed out intensively. This is more likely to be magnesium. With potassium everything is not easy, but I think if you avoid shock loads, potassium should not be washed out, although I occasionally pour salt on salt 70% KCl + 30% NaCl. Магний с кальцием употребляю, потому что если принимать только магний, ввиду их близких биохимических свойств начнет вымываться кальций (будет вместо него пытаться влезть магний, а из него кость не сделаешь). Кости могут начать терять прочность. Так что полиминералы.
Продолжая день: всякая мелкая суета, дела домашние, стараясь не сидеть и побольше двигаться. Потом обед. Как я выше уже писал, большие нагрузки приводят к большим потребностям в различных питательных элементах, поэтому,  особенно первое время я обед готовил сам, сообразуясь с тем чего мне именно сегодня хочется. Обдумывать обед начинал за несколько часов до, готовил не спеша, сервировал стол поизящнее. При этом в процессе готовки ничего не пробовал! Интересно менялись вкусы и реакции организма на еду. Очень понравились просто отварные овощи: вареная капуста такая в форме репки и цветная, даже простая капуста – вполне, вареная морковь, репа, свекла, брюссельская капуста. Нежирное мясо и не мало. Яблоко воспринимается как полноценная еда. Салатики всякие. Винегрет.  Щи из кислой капусты – хит сезона! Вероятно, щи способствуют вымыванию продуктов физической активности, потому так и нравится. Их ведь раньше для лечения похмелья использовали, правда вареные без картошки.
Сразу после обеда – такая легкая зарядка на 3000-4000 шагов.
Вечером прогулка пешком с собакой, в быстром темпе, тоже под музыку в наушниках. Тут вообще легко впасть в транс и это совсем не напрягает. Стараюсь чтобы нагрузки были и как зарядка и как ходьба. Дело в том что, при ходьбе напрягаются не все группы мышц одинаково. В общем, постепенно начинает болеть спина. От ходьбы и зарядки. Способов решения я нашел 2. Первый – делать несколько раз за день по несколько касаний пола руками, согнувшись. Такие простые упражнения размять позвоночник. Второй способ днем полежать 15-30 минут. Тоже хорошо действует. Вообще-то на Гиктаймс была статья про проприоцепцию, может если правильно наладить движения…
Должен сообщить что такой режим, по моим ощущениям, приводит к исключительной бодрости и активности, на грани адекватности. Похоже реально продуцируется много дофамина. Правда при таких делах бывает трудно уснуть. Нет, в плане спокойствия — все хорошо, все очень хорошо, даже прекрасно 8)), но заснуть бывает трудно – лег и лежишь. Хорошо, но усталости не чувствуешь. Так что пью снотворное. Не каждый день, но частенько.(Я его, признаться, и так по жизни иногда употреблял) Сплю хорошо. На самом деле, если не пить снотворное, по данным Ш спишь нормально, но время сна около 6часов и просто лежать скучно, а 6 часов горизонтального положения мало – позвоночнику это не нравится, спина болит.
Естественно, с течением времени нагрузки, ощущения, состояние и вес – менялись. Постараюсь это описать. Сначала, я просто попробовал шагомер, несколько дней. Замерил расстояния в шагах до объектов на местности, а себе заказал такой же. То время что товар ехал, ходил рекомендованные 8000-10000 шагов по моим подсчетам. Почувствовал существенное улучшение самочувствия и некоторое время даже не становился на весы – План еще не созрел. А вот когда взвесился – удивился, вес снизился почти на 4 кило. Я таки и в начале взвесился. Весы электронные – довольно точные. Так вот, увидев результат, в голове сложилась картинка и начался собственно процесс Эксперимента.

График веса и ходьбы.
Не ожидайте того что изменение веса будет равномерным и монотонным. Для человека мотивированного исключительно снижением веса это просто беда. Вес может внезапно прибавиться килограмма на полтора. На графике данные веса приведены к интервалу в неделю, и то получилось несколько пиков, а если взвешиваться каждый день, то просто беда.Как я понимаю причина в накоплении воды. Она как легко задерживается, так легко и уходит. Еще странность: за неделю поездки (физически необременительного) в Белоруссию куда-то пропало 2,5кг веса… Скачок такой. Могущий возникнуть вопрос об опасности перехода процесса в неуправляемую анорексию с негодованием отметаю. Анорексия возникает, когда человек сидит на диете, борясь с едой. В моем случае присутствуют очевидные элементы гурманизма, хотя чувство голода, как таковое, исчезает. Но его вполне заменяет выраженное желание организма получить питание. В самом начале выделить силы и время на работу практически не получалось. Все уходило на процедуры ухода за собой, любимым. Постепенно, с улучшением сил и здоровья стало возможным выделять силы и время на работу, нарушать режим. Как-то организм втянулся. Перестроились вкусы. Возрасла устойчивость к физическим нагрузкам. Состояние здоровья очень радует. Например простудных болезней с самого начала эксперимента не было ни разу. Пищеварение – тоже хорошо, полет нормальный. Чего и Вам желаю. На сем заканчиваю дозволенные речи.

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