Absolutely different tomorrow (story) / SurprizingFacts

In the morning I woke up from a light sea breeze, a gentle touch and a barely audible kiss. I liked it. Not for nothing yesterday spent half an hour searching the web for an appropriate alarm clock program.

After enjoying the last seconds of bliss, I jumped out of bed. Seconds now cost a lot of money, and you should not spend them on any nonsense. It is said that our ancestors worked for eight hours a day and believed that they were tearing themselves up. Now the official working day is 12 hours, but rarely this is limited. Young and motivated work fourteen, and sometimes sixteen hours a day. Seven days a week. I'm not an exception, I'm not a lazy person.

Hurriedly went to the bathroom and turned on the device for morning hygiene procedures. I met my eyes with my reflection, and I did not like it. Quickly corrected the settings of the mirror, and now, in between advertising, I was looking at a fresh, smart young man. That's better!

Judging by the mumbling noodlesader, today the wide plaid trousers and tight t-shirts of acid colors were in vogue. Prices for them biting, and I spent a couple of minutes reading Asian sites. For the second time, I thanked myself for having learned the baihua a couple of thousand hieroglyphs a year ago. Thanks to this, I saved about thirty percent every day, ordering things, and sometimes even the products directly from the manufacturer.

After just a couple of minutes, the divider clicked and I took out the clothes sewn from the depths of the needle. Just think, but I remember those days when the parcel had to wait several days or even weeks! How old I am.

Hurriedly dressed, I sat down opposite the work visualizer. Above the table surfaced graphics, diagrams and, at the same time, the physiognomy of my boss dressed in the latest fashion in an acid-fitting T-shirt. The soulless machine paid for only working seconds, so I started gesturing desperately the same hour, from which the images above the table swirled in a mad dance. I compared the columns of the tables, generated new diagrams, pointed to the extremum points in the automatically generated reports.

A second (my personal) visualizer was located a little way off and obliquely. He displayed a globe on which every now and then the green dots lighted up – my friends were coming online. My friends are my pride, because I bought them not on a five-dollar subscription for a thousand pieces at once, but in live network communication, discussing various philosophical topics, and sometimes arguing to a nervous breakdown about something very important.

I even saw one of them offline. This happened three years ago, during an accident at an electrical substation. Then the frightened citizens began to look out the windows, and I saw the face of my friend in the house opposite. It seems he also recognized me then, because his look changed. Fortunately, the accident was quickly eliminated. A few days ago I was a little nervous when I met him on the net, but fortunately he had enough tact not to discuss that meeting.

The machine appreciated every second of my time, and I tried not to stop manipulating the charts even then , When he looked through the second visualizer new catalogs of fashionable things or communicated with friends.

The Deliverer peacefully clicked, delivering the things I ordered. But I did not take the time to get them out of the box. The fact of delivery of these expensive and fashionable things was displayed in my profile, and this was enough to maintain status. And on going from the table to the delivator I would spend such precious seconds. However, for food I had to get up all the same. And I once again thought about moving the workplace closer to the delivator.

It is high time to order a reshuffle in the apartment. Five rooms and two levels I need to maintain the status, but walking them is extremely tedious and time-consuming. Of course, the thought of the troubles required for rearranging frightened me. First, you need to order the designers to reschedule, so that the bed, shower, table and divider are next door, and everything else is placed in unused rooms. Then you need to choose a firm that will undertake the implementation of the plan and send their robots to move the furniture. But the most difficult is to find such performers who do not reflect the result of the activity in the profile. If someone finds out that I do not use the whole area of ​​the apartment, then the rent costs themselves will not justify.

Once I read an anonymous report of one manager. Delivered to the handle, he manually moved the furniture in his apartment so that no one would know about it. But I can not waste time on physical labor, I need to earn money. Maintaining a standard of living is not cheap.

And then it dawned on me! Trying not to be distracted from graphs and diagrams, I looked through the catalogs of the latest models of visualizers and chose the best one. The delivator did not have time to click, and I already posted the advertisement: "An experienced sales statistics analyst is looking for work."

After half an hour there was a third visualizer on my workplace, and on it, in addition to graphs and diagrams, the face of another chief. And although the performance indicators on the first visualizer by the evening a little lowered, the total operating time for the day grew by a factor of one and a half! Now I can afford and the apartment is bigger, and a new new-slider and priority status on the delivator! Tomorrow all this will be displayed in my profile. Tomorrow I'm waited by a completely different life!

Tired, but pleased, I turned off the computers, threw away the obsolete clothes and items purchased for the day in the waste recycling bin and went to bed.

Text – D.Ivanov
Illustration – O.Ivanova