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Today we decided to return to our historical section [история Dolby, история Marshall] and introduce you to the company AKG.

In 1947, post-war Vienna still did not recover from the devastating World War II. The city, divided into several sectors, was under the joint management of the winner countries. In this unstable and difficult time, two specialists, Dr. Rudolf Görike ( Rudolf Goerike ) and engineer Ernst Pless ( Ernst Pless ) open a small workshop in the city. They call it "Akustische und Kino-Geraete" translation – "cinema and acoustic equipment" ].

Photo solidariat / CC -BY

The workshop starts with microphones. Their sound characteristics allow finding demand among the managers of jazz clubs, the organizers of theatrical productions and broadcasters. At the work of five people. They collect the microphones manually.

In the early fifties, the workshop began to produce headphones. Later this category of goods will become one of the visiting cards of AKG.

In just a few years the company releases the legendary D12 microphone, followed by C12. It begins to be used on the radio station BBC.


AKG continues to continuously improve its products. In the 60's the company presents two-sided cardioid microphones: AKG D202 and AKG D224. By this time, AKG has a branch in Germany and an office in Latin America.

The company is actively engaged in special projects. One example is the participation in the post-war (1955 year) festival in Salzburg. AKG communicates with the organizers and kindly provides its products for use during the event.

Then the Austrians listened to the performance of their fellow countryman, the famous Herbert von Karajan. In the same year he becomes the life-long leader of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. AKG produces a unidirectional microphone specially for him for this concert.


The Seventies is the time when AKG continues to work on technology. The company is releasing a reverb device for the BX20, a microphone combo DX11 and a special line of microphones for vocal performances.

Frank Sinatra, Falco and Roger Whittaker

Special projects continue to play a significant role in the development and promotion of AKG products. In 1980, the company successfully made its debut at the Olympics-80. The whole planet follows the games, and AKG technologies help to convey the atmosphere of the event.

Only 4 years after the games, AKG becomes a public company – the shares appear in free circulation on the stock exchange. Within a few years, management has decided to open a subsidiary structure in the US and acquire a number of German and British companies.

Photo by Andrew Pilling / CC-BY

Now AKG is a huge corporation. She can afford significant expenses for R & D and participates in the work of Mir orbital station with its development of Audimir. Later the company produces other special devices for space programs and crews.

In 1997, AKG took part in yet another "extreme" project and produced wireless microphones capable of operating in the Arctic. All this company already carries out, being in structure Harman International.

For so ambitious tasks follow more practical. Rod Steward, Simply Red, Peter Gabriel and other musicians join the huge number of AKG partners and use the company's wireless microphones in their performances.

Later the company starts collaborating with such stars as Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West and Eros Ramazotti. In 2012, he makes a collaboration with the legendary DJ Tiesto and presents a new model of headphones. In 2006, AKG works side by side with the organizers of the FIFA World Cup

Photo by Christopher Gull / CC-BY

This year, AKG celebrates its 70th anniversary. The company continues its development and relies on strengthening its positions in new markets and cooperation with the brand's fans.

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