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Hello, Giktimes! Perhaps, one of the adepts of acoustic equipment probably for once, but heard about the company Nyne – an American brand with a European spirit and 30 years of engineering experience in the field of stationary and portable sound. Now the company is focusing on high-quality wireless speakers and aimed at a much wider market, so it's time to get to know this brand more closely, especially in Russia it just came out.

Three decades of development in Silicon Valley have not been in vain – Nyne uses all its achievements to produce the biggest and loudest Bluetooth-speakers on the market, which are distinguished by their persistent impact on bad weather. The brand is a joint offspring of several "veterans" of the Valley, and therefore the device produces a decent level. To make it easier to choose from the assortment, the manufacturer initially divided its columns into three series – X, C and P (almost like Mercedes Benz, only cost much less).

The C series is positioned as columns mainly for indoor parties, but at the same time they can easily be carried out on the summer verandah, and the sound will be no worse, the manufacturer claims. In this case, all models are waterproof with an impressive margin of loudness. In Russia, the line is represented by the BASS PRO column: the device communicates with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.0 (range up to 30 meters), while it has water protection according to IPX-4 standard, 3.5 mm aux input and output, battery life is 10 hours.

The speaker can also be used for hands-free communication due to the presence of a microphone (do not disconnect it every time from the iPhone when you are called), and with Android devices it Easy to connect using NFC.

If the C-series is more for "home" use, then the X series from Nyne is not scary to take for a walk, to the pool, to the beach and even into the mountains. It is here that the loudest and at the same time the biggest portable Bluetooth-column in the world is represented – ROCK. And it's really very big.

The speaker also connects to other devices via Bluetooth 4.0, the sound is answered by a 60-watt sound system 4.1 with active speakers (2 HF, 2 MCH, Subwoofer). You can transfer this giant using a hidden carry handle, there is an NFC for one-touch connection, you can use it as an external battery for charging mobile devices. With its size, ROCK has protection against water IPX-3 and works up to 12 hours without recharging.

Agree, the next creation of figures from China is not at all similar, and the idea itself To combine, it would seem, a portable device with such dimensions is quite original. The Nyne speakers clearly show common features: here, for example, the controls are conveniently located on the top panel for convenience, and all connectors are located at the rear.

REBEL column in the same series in size Slightly smaller, and the manufacturer positions it as the loudest portable speaker with a 2.1 (40W) sound system. The built-in microphone serves to use the device as a headset, Power Bank – for charging other devices, IPX-3, NFC and Bluetooth version 4.0 are also included. Together with a column in a box, by the way, put the universal power adapter with plugs almost to all countries of the world.

Like other wireless speakers of this manufacturer, REBEL controls are located at the top, and ports, among which AUX, LINE OUT and others, Neatly hidden under the lid behind. Otherwise, the column would not be able to pass the IPX-3 certification.

This "baby" suffices for 12 hours of operation from the built-in battery, while it is the golden middle of the X- Between the ROCK and Edge columns.

In fact, Edge is the smallest of all this variety, but it is not worth dumping it – on the contrary, for many this option can be optimal. This column is waterproof to IPX-5 standard, it has a built-in LED flashlight and … universal fastening to the wheel of a bicycle, so that this solution is not portable. Sound system 3.0, consisting of two speakers, one tweeter and two passive radiators, produces loud and clear, according to the manufacturer, the sound. For small gatherings in nature or a small hike, it's the most.

Despite the small size, the column also has a microphone for hands-free calling, can act as an external battery, and also supports Bluetooth 4.0 with NFC. And here's how REBEL looks on a bicycle, the LED flashlight is convenient for traveling in the dark.

And in this picture, you can visually compare the dimensions of all three columns of the X series:

Although for the time being this is all the columns Nyne brought to Russia, in fact there are a little more of them. So, for example, in the X-series there is an AQUA column of a very interesting shape, which is designed to float in water near the user and at the same time produce a high-quality sound. The device is protected by the IPX-7 standard (there is protection against impacts and dust), it works up to 10 hours on one charge, but most importantly – with such acoustics you can arrange a party right in the pool or near the beach. In the latter case, however, it will be necessary to ensure that the column does not float away to the open sea.

The C-series has in its arsenal a column BASS, which in essence is a simplified modification of BASS PRO, so it does not make much sense to dwell on it for a long time. What you really want is real monsters representing a series of P-MAX, RACER and PERFORMER +.

The younger – RACER, gives out 30 W, can work for 20 hours without recharging, it comes with a microphone, built-in FM radio and USB ports. A small wedding can be held easily. PERFORMER + has a more interesting design, and more powerful (70 W), also comes with a microphone, has ports for connecting a microphone and a guitar, a 6.5-inch driver and a 1.5-inch tweeter. The 100-watt MAX speaker is considered the loudest and largest speaker in the arsenal of the manufacturer, beginning DJs will definitely appreciate.

As stated on the American website of the manufacturer, the P-series will go on sale soon, which means it will reach Russia. It will be interesting to try for yourself what these "barrels" are capable of.

Nyne does not hide that now he is trying to prove himself in the market of portable sound, and the manufacturer does it – the columns are actively sold in such retail networks of the USA as Best Buy, Walmart, CRUTCHFIELD, and also on Amazon. Will the company have the same army of fans in Russia – perhaps a matter of time, much will depend on pricing, but with originality and quality of performance here everything is in order. We are looking forward to one of the columns for a full test.