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Over the past 5 years, AMD has been associated with the majority of two types of products – effective and attractive graphics solutions (the legendary Radeon HD7970 still excites the minds of players) and budget processor solutions (whether APU or the widely known AMD FX). After the red giant lost the lead in the upper price segments, few expected the company to return to the market of the middle and upper thresholds of value, but after the release of Ryzen everything changed.
Nevertheless, the budget market has always been a pillar of AMD's well-deserved reputation – offering inexpensive products, the company from Sunnyvale easily won the championship in the category of "price / performance" from Intel, and in the graphics sector – from NVidia. AMD FX has found a new life with the appearance of accents on multi-threaded games, but until recently it was the only option for those who would like to build a budget computer based on AMD solutions. Ryzen 7 1700 was too expensive for most consumers, Ryzen 5 1600 was extremely tempting, but still asked for a lot (while breaking sales records and pushing all the i5's latest generation in the charts), and many were expecting the final line of processors called Ryzen 3 – Those very budgetary brethren tired of long years of "fufyxa." And the three came out – it's true, there were only two of them.


Continuing the Ryzen lineup, AMD did not deviate from the specifications of the line names – Ryzen 3 received code Names 1200 and 1300X, while losing the multithreading (as we assumed in the review of the first two rulers), but retaining the low TDP, 4 decent kernels and all the features of the architecture. As always, the company did not limit the overclocking capabilities of even the most affordable processors – they, like older siblings, can take the bar up to 4 GHz (depending on whether you won the "lottery lottery" or not).
Many owners of AMD FX 8000 series are certainly interested in this duet of processors – despite the modest (for AMD) number of cores and streams, Ryzen 3 shows a decent performance in synths and games, successfully battling both with the king of ultra-budget gaming G4560, and with an uncanny and overrated I3 7350k (however, AMD itself positions the processors with competitors of modest i3 7100 and i3 7300). Strangely enough, Ryzen 3 became an exception to the rules in synthetic tests, where AMD's dominance did not cause doubts – in the case of 1200 and 1300X, the results like Blender or Adobe Premier can be called very modest (in some tests, the reds are even inferior to the notorious 7350k), but comparison Even with Ryzen 5 1400 makes it clear that this is directly related to the disconnection of SMT, which turned from a crutch into a red trump card after a series of updates of bios. The main principle of this line is the economy, and in the game tests the processor demonstrates itself in a pair with a video card of the GTX1060 or RX580 class.

Testing Ryzen 3 1300X in the game Watch Dogs 2 from the portal "PRO Hi-Tech"

Testing Ryzen 3 1300X in the game Prey from the portal "PRO Hi-Tech"

Testing Ryzen 3 1300X in the Battlefield 1 game from the PRO Hi-Tech portal

The cost of the Ryzen 3 line processors at the time of the sale was $ 110 and $ 130, which is slightly more than the reference FX 8370 in the box version (it also cost About 105-110 $). For this money, newcomers are fighting with all the processors from Intel in the interval from G4560 to i3 7300. The muscular dwarf i3 7350k costs $ 150, and requires not the cheapest motherboard for serious overclocking, so it's hard to call it a direct competitor of Ryzen 3.
However, in the case of AMD Ryzen, soon the processors of the lower line will surely fall in price – as was the case with 1800X, and 1700, and even 1600. Therefore, hardly anyone will be surprised at the price of $ 90 for Ryzen 3 1200 in the near future. Well, the cunning ones are probably waiting for the fall in prices for the previous generation, because the FX 8370 at a price of $ 60- $ 70 will be a very tasty offer for the owners of "Bulldozers" and junior stones for AM3 +. If we draw any conclusions, we can say one thing: everyone will win, and we look forward to reviews on the senior line of AMD Threadripper HEDT-processors.
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