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Good afternoon, SurprizingFacts. My name is Nikolay Vetrov, I am the managing manager in a network of Moscow photographic studios. We in our company quite often interact with Canon, and they offered us an experiment that we could not refuse.

As you have probably realized, they provided us with a new large-format printer for review Photographic printing – Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2000.

Main characteristics

First, I will list the main features of this model, which the manufacturer himself declares:

  • 12-color system of pigment ink LUCIA PRO for more contrasting black and saturated color shades.
  • A new 1.28-inch printhead that delivers faster print speeds without compromising on quality.
  • Optional optional roll unit for continuous paper feeding or automatic fingerprint capture.
  • Ergonomic design with flat top surface and a window for checking prints.
  • Control panel with 3.5-inch color touchscreen LCD screen.
  • Print files of PDF and JPEG formats directly from USB flash memory.
  • Support for wired and Wi-Fi network connectivity.
  • Declared guaranteed color stability in various print tasks.
  • Large ink tanks with the possibility of "hot swapping."
  • Print Studio Pro plug-in for profile software (for example, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Canon Digital Photo Professional).

Appearance, construction and dimensions

As they say, meet on clothes, so in my review I decided to start with exactly what catches my eye first: design.

Unlike the predecessor models – imagePROGRAF, iPF6300 And iPF6400, which are ubiquitously installed in our offices – the new model looks visually attractive and "more expensive". It is clear that for this device this is far from the most important thing, but the appearance really bribes. PRO-2000 I want to fit into the interior, and not hide in the far corner of the technical room.

Other models of the PRO line (PRO-4000 and PRO-6000s) that I saw in the Canon office are made in the same new style And externally are a large-scale copy of PRO-2000. But the desktop PRO-1000 stands a little apart, thanks to its compact design.

The company states that the design with a spectacular red line is a continuation of the style of lenses from the premium L-series, as well as the flagship EOS cameras, and should be associated with High standards of quality and technology Canon. But I, honestly, when looking at a new device, images of an expensive sports car appear. But all this, of course, tastes, so do not get hung up on it.

As for the dimensions, the printer is slightly larger and slightly heavier than the predecessor models. The increased weight, according to representatives of Canon, is a consequence of the introduction of a heavy monolithic frame, which reduces extraneous vibrations and allows more accurate application of ink.

In addition (we will consider, as compensation Increased parameters), PRO-2000 acquired a larger volume of ink tanks. More precisely, the ability to install them: in each of the two sections with 6 slots, you can now install ink tanks up to 700 ml. By the way, the sections themselves are now in the back of the device, which probably was done to reduce the width of the machine.

The ink set itself was revised, and now instead of the additional green is an ink tank With a special composition of Chroma Optimizer, which is used for the final glossy coating when printing on glossy paper. If you do not delve into the technical details, this composition corrects the refraction of light on the print and provides a display of natural colors. The amount of composition application can be adjusted in the driver settings (depending on the type of paper selected) or set the automatic mode. Probably, this will not become a key advantage in the eyes of the average customer (in the industry, whatever one may say, the most important is the low cost of consumables and reliability of the device), you can turn this into the main competitive advantage of your business.

Let's look inside. After lifting the locking lever, the sheets are fed into the working area by golden lifting rollers at the rear of the device. The paper is leveled by special shafts between the rollers and from the sides.

See the holes and cuts in the central part of the work area? This is a vacuum system that holds the paper in a perfectly flat state and catches any excess toner sputtering when printing without margins.

The light blue element in the image above is a high-precision cutter. Its design is made in such a way that it is possible to replace the blade at any time and without unnecessary problems. I tested several types of materials, including glossy paper with a density of 305 g / m² and thin paper of 80 g / m² – the cut-off area was perfectly flat and did not cause any complaints.

Perhaps this will be a statement of "Captain Obviousness", but I want Note that this printer is primarily designed for roll printing. I do not want to say that it does not cope well with printing on ordinary sheets, just compared to the younger 17-inch model PRO-1000, the printer seems a little more unwieldy in using this type of media.

The paper basket, thanks to special telescopic rails, can be configured to accept printed copies of various sizes. In addition, for this model, you can optionally purchase an additional roll unit.

Setting up and printing

As mentioned above, the printer supports Wi-Fi connection And Ethernet, plus a direct connection via USB.

All control and most of the adjustment functions are on the color touch screen, which some users may find a contentious solution, But personally I have not experienced any problems when interacting with the device. Moreover, I would even say that the screen makes you feel that before you are a device of a new generation.

The indicator above the screen indicates either normal operation of the device (it is green) or some events that require operator's attention (for example, the orange color indicates the ink is running out).

At initial setup And installation of paper carriers on the touch screen, brief instructions are provided to help you quickly prepare the printer for printing. The installation process itself, in my experience, does not take much time, but some skill is required.

For users of previous models (I recall, this is iPF6400 / 6300), who are accustomed to print on sheets, the lack of an upper loading slot will be a frank inconvenience . Now the paper is loaded from the front – just like most other larger printers.

But let's move on to the main thing: the quality and speed of printing. Representatives of Canon speak of four pillars on which the high performance of the device rests:

  • LUCIA PRO ink technology (with special composition of Chroma Optimizer and separate b / w components for printing on matte and glossy surfaces);
  • 1,28 "compact print head (18432 nozzles) with a print quality automation system (integrated color temperature sensors and ink output control for uniform ink distribution even in the event of clogging of nozzles);
  • color calibration function (reading of print data with a special sensor and immediate calibration in real time);
  • the modernized image processor L-COA PRO (advanced Canon image processing algorithms and the new integrated circuit (ASIC) for processing data and high-resolution images).

According to the manufacturer, the speed of printing a sheet of A0 format varies from 1 minute 37 seconds on plain paper in fast print mode to 10 minutes 5 seconds on high-quality glossy photo paper. As for the real indicators, everything depends on the content, the type of paper, the selected color profiles and the size of the file sent to print, as well as the use of the Chroma Optimizer.

I tested various printing options, including using large files , And the maximum printing time for me was half an hour. However, subjective sensations, imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 copes with printing faster than its younger brother PRO-1000 and certainly faster than predecessor models.

As for the experience of using a double Roll unit for continuous paper feeding, then I would not recommend too thick paper. With other types of paper, this function does well.

Another important issue concerns borderless printing: iPF PRO-2000 prints well on the edge on roll media, but, as I found out in practice, it can not do the same On separate sheets.

As an employee of a company working in the field of printing, I liked the opportunity to not only control ink consumption in real time, but also calculate the cost of a print for each specific operation Due to the special Accounting Manager software, In the set. Not to say that it is the top of visibility and informativeness, but for those who can dig into tables and work with figures, this will not be a difficulty, since all data can be exported to CSV.

As for the hot ink tank replacement, I have not yet been able to test this possibility in the test, but colleagues at the workshop say that they printed a few meters of the image before the printer stopped printing.

Driver and Software

The interaction of the computer with the printer can be adjusted in many ways, including configuring the PRO-2000 as a web printer through a special page.

Installing the drivers also does not cause any difficulties either on the Mac or on Windows-devices. As for Linux, there was not one machine to test in our office, but according to the list of supported OSes on the official site, Linux is not supported.

There is one more feature that did not really appeal to me and many To my fellow professionals: replacing a simple and well-customized plug-in for printing on Print Studio Pro, which focuses more on ordinary consumers than on professionals. On the other hand, much of the functionality of the old plug-in is now available through the printer driver interface, for which you can thank developers.


Canon was the first company in the industry to provide a two-year warranty for graphics printers.

On the assurances of the product manager, Canon is ready to replace every printhead that failed during the warranty period free of charge. Of course, provided you use the original ink. However, usually such statements are made only with full confidence that replacement will not be required, and the printing mechanism will certainly fulfill its deadline.

As a conclusion

So that I was not accused of advertising, and Canon in unfair competition, I basically did not compare the new model with other innovations on the market. Nevertheless, I can say with certainty that this is one of the best models (in its segment) and a worthy replacement for its predecessors.

Yes, it has its drawbacks, such as expensive components and official consumables. But, on the other hand, for this money you get high quality, stable reliability and extensive printing capabilities that will help you to open new niches in the development of your business.

Thank you for your attention.

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