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Last week I visited Robo Station at the presentation of a strange robotic designer and just now something dawned on me why it was almost a historical event.

Chinese UBTech, a leading corporation in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics, announced the arrival of gaming training robots humanoids Alpha 1 pro and robotic constructors Jimu on the Russian market. The principle is the same lego mind storm, but with one small difference, which I first took for granted – these designers are programmed in SWIFT. And for this you do not even need a computer – just download the child to the iPad Swift Playground and watch as he throws the maincraft and starts to really CODE. And coding HARDWARE.

It does not matter what they code there – you look what interest.

Yes, eight-year-old children code artificial intelligence for home robots in a high-level language with all the bells and whistles from databases to the augmented reality frameworks. And in Swift Playground you can learn how to fish at all without any help – this is its main function. At any rate, almost five-year-olds were encoded at the presentation of the robots.

Determine the age of the children according to the picture

Many of course will say, well, that there can find an eight-year-old boy or girl. But look how the children master the complex technique – just the first-graders understand smartphones and computers no worse than gray-bearded admins and that's why the Jimu robots are a real breakthrough. And below I will tell why it is so important, from the point of view of pedagogy, on the example of teaching English.

These children are already selling beer, but they still buy children's designers

As you know in Russian schools begin to learn a foreign language in eight years and a teaspoon a week. As a result, all children know English through a stump-deck and can speak (with a monstrous accent), but to write a story or post on the Internet is a stop machine.

All because the language must be started to teach in 4- 5 years and immediately immersed in the language environment. Then the language learns itself, because at this time the speech center of the brain is actively being formed and the processing of "speaking" takes place at the "hardware level", without any effort on the part of consciousness.

По This picture is understandable why the popes are so fond of buying helicopters, railways and robots for children)

This is why children from birth to 5-6 years easily learn any languages. They teach their native language naturally, without any schools, so English can learn the same way. But that would have something to learn after 7-8 years have already loaded the centers of general logic – fixation in the speech center does not happen. That is, we are talking about "software emulation" without hardware acceleration. Well, the result is the same.

And now let us remember how we are taught programming languages. Despite the fact that for the human brain there is no fundamental difference between English and conventional BASIC, programming begins to teach us only in the seventh grade, that is, at the age of 12-14, when puberty begins and no longer to languages. And they also teach 1-2 hours a week.

As a result of the English text schoolchildren can still read something, but write a program in BASIC – I have never met such. From my school experience I can say that a person either learns to immediately learn something decent or does not study at all. Well, imagine that instead of English you are taught to speak Sanskrit first, so that after school you can decide which language to teach. This is also the way, and so it can also be learned, but it takes a little more time.

In this light it is very interesting to experiment and check how true all that I wrote here is to give the child this robot and see what he learns Kodit with him on the swift in a day or a week or a month.

Are there parents who are programmers ready to give the child for experiments? Since you are a child and a promise not to help him with the code, from me – will agree with the robot station about a free robot in exchange for a couple of posts at the time.

What do you think?

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