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Short, but good news for those who are fans of smart watches Pebble!

As many people remember, the company was recently bought by Fitbit. Since then there has been not much news from them. But the day before yesterday the company announced in its blog about plans for supporting and further destiny of its devices. The last update completely unbinds Pebble from cloud services, which would be able to use the devices even after Fitbit disconnects the servers.

When the application is launched on the smartphone, the authentication step will be skipped, but it will still be possible to install firmware and programs through it. In the application, you will be able to configure alternative servers for downloading programs. Or, still, the program can be downloaded via the browser and installed offline.

The iOS application can be updated in the App Store, and Android users will be able to update through the beta channel of the application. Release for Android on Google Play will be a little later.

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