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No one needs to be persuaded to pay extra for minimalism: the car from which the air conditioning and rear seats are extracted are called sporty, and they sell this model more expensive. Fitness lovers gladly pay extra for fat-free cottage cheese instead of "normal". But what can be improved (and not spoiled) in the mechanical keyboard, if it's all good with durability, compactness and switches? It turns out that a lot of things – today we'll tell you what we should like for the new HyperX Alloy Elite and Alloy FPS Pro, even if you are a fan of ascetic models.

HyperX Alloy Elite – a rare cocktail "comfortable, geymerskaya, without" whistling "»

The first gaming keyboard HyperX, Alloy FPS, just had to not go out "lumpy". Therefore, instead of artistic amateur performance and "whistles", Kingston's unit designed the model straightforward and harsh, like an armored train. Only the necessary keys, no rich design forms – kvadratish, praktish, gut. Lovers of games like this design compliment – no fads, which you would like to get used to, and a minimum of space for carrying (in someone else's LAN party with their own steel walk).

But they do not want the maximum hardcore from their "klalomyshey", and the home computer is very rare Lives with the same, the only true settings, like a PC in competitions. And find a combination of Fn + F10, when the 7-channel system at maximum volume beats on the membranes with the phrase "IAY GAEM! CHALENGE EURRIFING !!! », it is very difficult. Yes, and the edges of the keyboard flush with the body do not allow to relax and "lie down" wrists in the lazy operating mode of the PC. You start to think about the themes of "sport vs comfort."

In order to choose between such matters it was not necessary, HyperX released Alloy Elite. The main changes are ergonomic:

The soft support to be connected . Chelyabinsk gamers are so harsh that they buckle the steel base under the wrists, but if serious, in everyday use, the wrist rest pad comes in handy.

The volume adjustment wheel . So that you do not have to do a "bang-bang-bang" with a combination of Fn + F10 / F11. Analog and convenient – you can set the desired level in columns or headphones at one stroke.
Audio player control unit . Change tracks, pause and instantly turn off the volume. Are instantly and do not distract, like pinned in the player global keyboard shortcuts from Ctrl + Alt + anything else.

Full-sized full-size USB 2.0 port . Useful for connecting a mouse, drive or mobile phone. Previously, Alloy FPS had a USB connector for charging the smartphone, but the system unit in the desktop is often located in the "hard-to-reach places" of the computer table, so you need good reasons to turn to the ports on the case.
Separate keys for enabling "game mode", brightness control and backlight type . To the time to turn off the "Windows" key, activate the "game" backlight (WASD only, numeric keys and Ctrl) or 5 more modes it took a minimum of time. As well as adjusting the intensity of the LEDs. Find them easily even with peripheral vision – they are "cut off" by the red line from the F-keys. And it's beautiful, and useful.

Less "lean" design . If the keyboard is not aimed at carrying, there is no need to maximally "cut her sides." Yes, and removable cable is not needed: once you connect and use.

In this case, all the "chips" Alloy FPS remained in place: several types of switches Cherry MX (Red, Brown , Blue lover "harder", "faster" or "softer") to choose from, steel, an even larger steel frame, protection from sticking and other gaming attributes. On the way out, we get an effective game in games, but more "civil" and comfortable in non-tournament use, almost for the same money as the brutal-ascetic Alloy FPS.

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro – removed everything that could interfere with the shooting

A proactive response to all who, when looking at Alloy Elite complains that "HyperX keyboards are getting fat". " Alloy FPS Pro even eliminated the holy of holies – digital block or NumPad! And while the accountants are throwing glasses and boxes from under 1C for our sacrilege, we have time to explain what this design dictates.

This type of keyboard was called " Tenkeyless "(huh," ten-digit ") or just a TKL-keyboard. Part of it became widespread thanks to laptops, where a victim of usability fell into the digital block, but a lot of gamers also like keyboards without a "calculator" – especially in shooters. In the midst of the match, when you are merging nervously on the keyboard with the keyboard, you "straighten" it on the table, and every now and then you shift the mouse over the table, the digital block, like a useless set of keys, takes away precious space. Without it, it is much more convenient.

The second reason is compactness. The keyboard without NumPad is not just small, but very small. Less weight, easier transportation with the "adult" set of all gaming functions, like full-size models. Therefore, Alloy FPS Pro is useful to all those who are engaged in counting and entering numbers much less often than intensive, "mobile" for peripheral devices shooters.

When, how much?

HyperX Alloy Elite with switches Cherry MX Blue, Red and Brown will go on sale in Russia already at the end of summer 2017 at a price of 9,990 rubles. It's only slightly more expensive than "just" Alloy FPS – the extra charge for comfortable "dopas" is justified, especially since neither the design, nor the warranty (2 years, by the way) will not prideretshsya.

Alloy FPS Pro more affordable – only 6 990 rubles. Less keys – lower price, more area for mouse maneuvers. A good reason to save money if you use the keyboard more often in games than in office applications.

What are Cherry?

Characteristics of the Brown Blue Red
Actuation force 45 сн 50 сн 45 сн
The length of the stroke 4 mm 4 mm 4 mm
Tactile feedback 55 сн 60 сн n / a
The life cycle 50 million pressures 50 million pressures 50 million pressures

Detailed specifications

Specifications HyperX Alloy Elite:

Switches : Type: mechanical
Backlight: single-color (red)
Light effects: 6 modes and 4 levels Brightness
Connection type: USB 2.0 (two USB connectors)
"Through" USB 2.0: yes
Frequency of interrogation: 1000 Hz
Anti-ghosting: 100%
Key Rollover: N-key mode
Multimedia management: yes
] Game room yes
Support for the operating system: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Cable type: non-detachable, braided
Cable length : 1,8 m
Dimensions: 444 mm x 226.8 mm x 36.3 mm
Weight (keyboard and cable): 1467 g

The characteristics of HyperX Alloy FPS Pro:

Switches: Cherry MX
Type: mechanical
] Backlight: Single-color (red)
Light effects: 6 modes and 5 brightness levels
Connection type: USB 2.0 (one USB connector)
] Poll frequency: 1000 Hz
Anti-ghosting: 100%
Key Rollover: N-key mode
Media management: yes
] Game mode: yes
Support for the operating system: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Cable type: removable, braided
The length of the cable: 1,8 m
Dimensions (WVG): 359 mm x 130 mm x 34.5 mm
Weight (keyboard and cable): 900 g

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