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 image A couple of months ago we launched CarTaxi, the first global automotive evacuation service on blockchain. Briefly about the essence of the product: the platform unites all evacuation companies in one system. Car owners download a free application and with his help (as through Uber) they order a tow truck. The more the scope of the project grows, the more universal is CarTaxi. For two months we have not badly dispersed and have captured already about 20 Russian cities. In addition to Moscow and St. Petersburg, CarTaxi operates in Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Vladikavkaz, Krasnodar, Sochi, Novosibirsk, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh, Veliky Novgorod, Volgograd, Stavropol, Bryansk, Kaluga and Tula.

] Why did we create CarTaxi and "what will we do with it?"

The volume of the global car evacuation market is estimated at more than 26 billion dollars. The global increase in the number of cars also means the growth of accidents, breakdowns and maintenance needs of this giant market. To the services of auto-evacuation, high demands are made to ensure unimpeded traffic, order, observance of rules and comfort of drivers.

Even before the idea of ​​CarTaxi appeared, our QA engineer Valera once stalled on his Priora on his way from his native Voronezh to St. Petersburg, somewhere under the village of Teploe. In uncomfortable -10 ° C he was alone in conditions of survival. Go back to Voronezh not on anything and you can not – at work waiting. Ahead of the navigator is at least 900 km. After a few hours of searching for help, luck was smiled at Valera in the person of Christina, who was passing by on the "ten", who agreed to tow the car to the service in Pervomaysk. Six months later she accepted his offer of a hand, a heart and a new Toyota. I must admit, we did not see such lucky people as our Valera. And usually the incidents with the engine stalled do not turn into a gift of fate, but are torn by bargains, late arrivals at a wedding for a friend or for a date, or even a threat to life and health.

Today it is not so romantic, but without unnecessary stress even near the god-forgotten village, or even in Sochi on the way from vacation the evacuator will pick up your car and deliver it comfortably. Through the application simply enter the destination and select the car, how many wheels are blocked and the way of payment. The amount is immediately calculated automatically, until the order is completed. On the map you can always see where there are free tow trucks, and they, in turn, will also receive an order through the program through the application if all parameters match the evacuator's capabilities. It is not expensive. Due to the fact that the application is looking for the nearest tow truck, it is not necessary to pay for the road that it will pass to "idle".

The system of tow trucks, which was previously disjointed, appeared system and automation. In CarTaxi already registered over 1,500 evacuation companies, so far only in Russia. But this is not enough for us. The main intrigue of the 4th quarter of this year is the activation of the blockchain and subsequent plans for expansion into China and the US. Now we are preparing the infrastructure for launching the service abroad.

Blockchain and smart contract

In the last quarter of 2017 on the CarTaxi platform, we planned to activate the blockchain technology based on the Ethereum smart contract. Blockchain is necessary for us in order to simplify, speed up and make all orders as controlled as possible on entering the global market. With the help of a smart contract, we are going to:

  • register performers and partners;
  • register customers (car owners);
  • create orders and manage their life cycle;
  • carry out calculations with performers and partners;
  • make the company's activities transparent to investors.

Each participant will be able to see all the necessary data through the smart contract interface, for example, about the beginning and completion of transportation of the car or the transfer of fees. In each order the smart contract will take into account the client's coordinates, the parameters of his car, the estimated arrival time of the tow truck.

If the tow truck could not arrive within the specified time, sanctions are envisaged. At the place where you need to pick up the car, the performer checks the order data with the help of the system and fixes the damage to the machine. If the data does not match, the smart contract will not allow you to proceed to the next stage – loading the car. When the order is completed, the program analyzes the final parameters and calculates the performer.

An important point is order control and car insurance in all orders. CarTaxi plans to provide a service for transporting cars for long distances, between cities and countries, in complex logistics chains. For example, from Stavropol today you can bring a car to St. Petersburg with the help of CarTaxi.


Starting from August 30, CarTaxi enters the ICO. We issue dividend tokens CTX and place them on the exchange in 2 rounds.

Investing in ICO CarTaxi is at least interesting, because the service is already working successfully and shows a high dynamics of expansion in the market. This can not be said of most of the projects that go to the ICO.

CTX Tokens of combined type. This means that investors will have two types of income: dividend payments and income from the growth of the market value of the token due to planned redemption on the exchanges. Dividends will be accrued to tokenholders once a month. The first charge is September 15, 2017, for those who will have time to acquire tokens in the first stage of the ICO. With target figures for the proceeds of the CarTaxi project, the dividend share of investors' income by 2020 will be more than 75 million USD (152% of the investment).

The upcoming first stage of the ICO will last from August 30 to September 19, 2017. The second stage of the ICO is scheduled for September 30 – October 19, 2017. Car Taxi has set a total of 500 million tokens, of which 12.5 million will be available for pre-sale, and the rest during the ICO. Already, during the pre-sale period, investors will be able to purchase Car Taxi (CTX) tokens with a bonus of 45%.

A smart contract provides for the basic mechanisms of DAO: voting for tokens for the distribution of the company's profits. Blockchain accelerates settlements with tokenholders and creates transparent mechanisms for controlling the company's operations.

Proceeds from sales of tokens will be invested in the service of automobile evacuation. Car Taxi planned to activate blockchain technology in the fourth quarter of 2017. The next stage is expansion in the US and China in 2018, and next in Europe in 2019. With the opening of offices in India and South America, and by 2021 the platform will be available worldwide.

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