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Traditionally before the Day of Astronautics, I am aggregating festive events that will take place in different cities.

The Cosmonautics Museum announced a large program of events from April 6 to 15, from an auto race, an exhibition of retro cars and a Gagarin Cup KHL demonstration to lectures, meetings, quests and even the presentation of an astronomy textbook.
The Moscow Planetarium arranges a traditional Mooncake concert on April 14 and 15.
April 8 will be the third quest "Space Flight."
Since March 31, the exhibition "Dream of Space" in the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege"
On April 12, an observatory will be opened in Gorky Park, there will also be festive events and a photo exhibition of Roskosmos
The Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory will hold an open day on April 15
From April 1 to 30, the Cosmos Market Gallery will host lectures, master classes and a meeting with cosmonaut Alexander Lazutkin.

St. Petersburg
The Petersburg Federation of Cosmonautics holds events on April 7 and April 9 in the Peter and Paul Fortress.
In the Planetarium, several events on different days – lectures and a discussion club.

The Novosibirsk planetarium is already spending the second night in Yuryn, and the registration is already closed. But maybe there are still chances to get into the scientific cafe "Eureka", where there will be lectures, music and the film "October sky."

"12 April – 12 hours – 12 volleys" – the traditional launch of 12 missiles at Plotinka.

In Kazan there are absolutely no special events this year. The choice is a charity space race on April 8 or a party on April 14.

In Chelyabinsk, enthusiasts regularly build pictures, figures and words from cars. Traditional flash mob will be on April 12.

In Omsk, the Day of Cosmonautics will be marked by the shutdown of hot water and a volunteer race.

This year, it seems, the running was very fashionable. If earlier in Samara there was a space subbotnik, then this year and here they run.

April 12 at 19:00 in the planetarium my new lecture "The First", the entrance is free. For out-of-town lectures, I try to write and upload on my channel.
On April 14 at 7:00 pm at Artclub in the framework of the meetings "Cultural Fridays" my lecture "The Unclear Complexities of Space Technology", the entrance is free, most likely it will be broadcast.

Nizhny Novgorod
Festive Concert in the planetarium.

Perm holds the night for the second time, this year in the Philharmonic "Triumph" lecture "Riding on the comet" by Vladimir Surdin, a concert and observation in telescopes.

Yurin night in Club "Cosmonaut" and "Wind of space travels" in the library-branch No. 8.

Veliky Novgorod
Quest "The First Space" on April 12.

In Smolensk, too, run.

Yuri's Night

Do not forget about the event organizer – yurisnight.net, where beer, shish kebab and fireworks are already celebrated in Kemerovo, the festival "108 minutes" in Gagarin, Smolensk region and the first in three years of observation event in Ukraine. The list will be replenished, and if you celebrate, you can add even your home party there.

Do you know about an event that did not get on the list? Write in the comments!

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