Girls week. 16 CHL teams cheerleaders

This season for the All-Star Game Kontinental League choose not only the players, but also dancing beauties. Sports . ru meets a beautiful support groups, which can, in January to travel to Chelyabinsk.


“Vanguard” – “Cheri”

Cheerleading teams in Omsk almost more than amateur hockey clubs in the region. But monopoly dance on the Omsk club matches which year it has “Cherie.” Actually, they were the first group of support “Vanguard” and it is with them, and began cherlidersky boom in Omsk.

I note, perhaps a paradox: every season part of “Cheri” is getting younger and younger. It is definitely one of the youngest contestants battle for the All-Star Game. That, naturally, does not prevent them to contemplate their entry

“AK Bars”

At the Kazan club still nameless group support, and even the fact of participation in the program “Stories in the details” is not spodvignul them some nice shortcut. However, this is probably the only drawback Kazan cheerleaders.

They perfectly refute the stereotype that girls dancing in the stands does not completely versed in hockey. Well, ask about it at least Julia .

Bid should watch the video at least for a friendly jumps at the end of the clip.


«Atlant» – « Fresh »

A couple of years ago – the main beauty league, causing a large part of the audience-men salivating. But time does not stand still and now to hold first place in the men’s rankings regularly enough to fall into the camera lens.

Founder and director of «Fresh» is Natalya Barulina – wife of the goalkeeper of the national team of Russia. However, now in connection with the relocation of her husband in Kazan, it is unclear how she manages to keep and train girls.

Entry movie turned out to become a slogan on the website of “Atlanta” “Audacity. Passion. Drama”. A footage from old movies where the girls wash the bus is still breathtaking.

“Dynamo” Minsk – Ice Girls

The troupe appeared in 2005 and support the Minsk “Dynamo” in those difficult times, when the idea of creating the Continental League has not yet taken a final view of the head of the Russian president.

During their existence, it changed a lot of compositions, but it should be noted that the Ice Girls always been noticeable appearance.

The application roller is perfect – unobtrusive music, undress the girl, nice curves and a minimum of clothing: 10 out of 10. In general, it is not surprising that they are the leaders until the voting. Well, although, of course, and territorial identity makes itself felt.


“Lokomotiv” – “Grace”

Well if about pioneering men to say “attsy”, then there is certainly “mother” of the Russian cheerleading at a hockey game. “Locomotive” in 1997 announced a desire to engage a professional support group and show group “Grace” from Yaroslavl shaping the center has responded to such a request.

In January this year it will be exactly 15 years since their first performance – the date just falls on the All-Star Game in Chelyabinsk. It would be logical, if they went there. And the movie at the bottom of the solid turned. From the “no nonsense” series.


“Metallurg” Mg – Classic Stars

Well, if “Grace” – a “Mom”, then “Classic Stars” – is already a veteran of the Russian cheerleading (participants themselves is, fortunately, does not apply). The support group was formed in Magnitogorsk in 1994 on the basis of variety dance ensemble.

However, what excursions into history when there are girls. Generally, “Metallurg” could deprive the chances of rivals by sending here is the story:

Metallurg Hk

Novokuznetsk also quickly realized that it is not always successful game tough guys on the ice should compensate for something beautiful in the stands. The support group has been in existence for more than ten years, but the girls position themselves not as a cheerleader, but as a dancer.

Even if you are tired of well-fed South Korean held way from “ochkinnnnadaaaa» to «Gangman Style», still include this Bid movie – such a pleasant eye version of the dance you have not seen.

Eeeee, sexy Lady …


“Neftekhimik» – Ice Club

This year the team celebrated the anniversary – he 10 years old. Thus Ice Club language does not turn called purely sports project. They are in any dance groups will give a head start.

“Salavat Yulaev”

Official website of the Ufa club made on someone’s knee for 5 minutes, even refuses to talk about the support group “Salavat”.

You can certainly tell that they are already 14 years (the team, not the girls in it) that they exercise at least the players themselves, and often times in the 20 than the author of the material, but is this an argument for voting?

Here’s a video with the girls – this is the argument!


If you and the truth, I wonder who and how many years have engaged in cheerleading and what it means for the teams , then, boring read .

Well, if you come in to take a look at the material and make the most beautiful naked girls sports (well, why else actually something ?!), please – the official website of “Severstal” treats:

Well, where the bid without the clip. Although the Cherepovets club seems to have all the money spent on the photo shoot …

« Siberia » – « Dolls & Bears »

At one time, for the right to dance on the “Siberia” matches fought just three staff. It is not known whether the case came to blows, but these girls event is clearly not afraid of after this competition. After what just not necessary to go a cheerleader for the victory:

And efforts, by the way, were not in vain – MAXIM magazine appreciated their talents:

Well, the video from the “Dolls” command:

SKA – S KA Sisters

If you do not remember what color eyes Dasha Sibireva, if you can not tell Nastya Gulyanovu by Katie Komyakovoy and if Pauline’s name linked to the army club does not cause you any feelings, you … you … I do not know, God will the judge in this case!

Athlete, beauty, Komsomol, Blogersha Sports.ru. Unequivocal first room in the media (but the first issue, fortunately, only on such parameters).

«Spartak» – Sparta

It should be noted, first experiences with the cheerleaders at the beginning of zero did not lead to anything good – the scene where the girls danced, dismantled, and this, in fact, all over.

But the attempt to Sparta team this season to storm the “Sokolniki” was unsuccessful. And is it possible to drive these girls?


“Torpedo” Nizhny Novgorod

in “sloupok” style, the main advantage of Nizhniy Novgorod broadcasts the first year brightens up the impression of the work of local operators. In the sense that if they miss of goals, but then the operator can stay on the dancing girls.

It is a pity that the footage is not always so:

However, in the application video directors and operators have surpassed themselves. And, perhaps, even overdone: personnel changes at lightning speed, but normal angle of dancing girls and is not visible.


«Tractor» – Star Light

It will be very strange and illogical, if the All-Star Game will be held in Chelyabinsk without local support group. And it’s not in the home arena, a girl really deserve it.

What they have learned in less than two seasons, that dance on the “Tractor” games, you can watch the video in the application:


Ugra of Khanty Mansiysk – «Life in Emotion»

It is difficult to dance, perhaps, when the stage next to you goes to the mammoth, but the Khanty-Mansi girls is quite possible to combine all.

«Life in Emotion» until voting come last, but the point here, rather, unpretentious and not too HDshnom clip.


P . The S . I honestly do not fit in my head, why Continental League decided to go to a crime against humanity and is not included in the short list of nominees Army Eclipse and Dynamo Dynamite .

Crime №1:

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