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Vacation is not always the sea and sand, but many imagine it when they think about rest. Or not?

The holiday period has not yet ended – there is still enough time to rest and get new impressions. Half of August, September, October are ideal for holidays. Someone prefers to go to the sea at the height of summer, and someone likes a more peaceful time, when it's not so hot, and people are nearer there.

Besides, not everyone goes to the sea. Someone closer to the north, someone hurries to the mountains, and someone likes to spend their holidays at the cottage. Whatever it was, new technologies make it possible to make a memorable vacation as comfortable as possible. The team of Madrobots decided to share useful things that will be useful for every vacationer.

Let's start with the fees. When you go for a long time (in any case, more than a couple of days), I want to take with me the most necessary things. But it often turns out that a lot is needed for this necessary.

Everything that should always be at hand is worth putting in a backpack. You can test the strength of Thule Crossover TCBP-317 volume of 25 liters. Many people know Thule, so it does not need any extra advertising. And the backpack model in question differs from the others in ergonomic design and quality materials. It is ideal for geeks, as the backpack design provides both a pocket for the laptop, and pockets and compartments for other gadgets, including a shockproof compartment for fragile things. The materials here are waterproof and durable. There are handles for carrying, shoulder straps are perforated. In general, everything is ideal for a small trip, and for a relatively long trip.

Well and not to depend on electrical networks, you can use the portable solar battery Goal Zero Nomad 7. Its size in the unfolded state is 22.9 × 3.8 × 43, 2 cm. You can fasten the panel directly on the backpack – then there will always be a supply of electricity for the gadgets. The panel is equipped with an inverter with three ports – a standard USB, 12 V and 6-6.5 V for a branded charger Guide 10. There is also a pocket where it is convenient to put a charged device.

But back to suitcases. They, of course, are different. For example, Bluesmart One allows you to charge your gadgets on the road from two USB ports, plus determine the weight of things – the sensor is built right into the handle.

Ergonomics of the suitcase is also on top. There are two internal departments, plus one outdoor with a lock. The lock is locked using a smartphone, including automatic mode. If the owner has moved a certain distance, the lock locks the contents. Plus, all external materials are waterproof, and inside the device there is a 3G / GPS navigator, which allows you to always be aware of where the load is now. With the phone, the suitcase connects via Bluetooth.

This model has an "older brother", Bluesmart Black Edition, which is equipped with a battery of 10,400 mAh. The suitcase has a siren that helps scare away thieves, plus a flashlight (everything gets better with a flashlight). There is a discount of 10% for both SurprizingFacts readers (promotional code – MOORE) on both cases.


Sometimes you want to do anything on the way – just sit, look in the window and listen to your favorite music. In this case, headphones with noise suppression are useful. Not everyone will be interested in what the neighbors say about the compartment or the passage in the plane. Headphones cut off unnecessary noise and allow you to feel comfortable anywhere. Models with noise cancellation are many. This and Bragi Dash, and SONY MDR-1000X, Bose QuietComfort 20 and many others. Every year new models are coming out, headphones are getting better. Of the relatively budgetary options it is worth considering Plantronics BackBeat Pro. The noise reduction is excellent, the quality of the sound reproduction is the same, plus they cost 2-3 times less than the typical headphones for the audiophile.

The long-awaited novelty – DJI Spark is still on the road. Just say that it is quite expensive, but the functions with which it is equipped, allow you to remember the rest for a long time. First of all, this is a 12 megapixel camera.

The body of the drone has dimensions of 14 * 14 * 5 cm when folded, so that it fits in any bag, backpack, suitcase or even in a rather capacious pocket.

You can control the drones using a smartphone with a preinstalled application. The camera makes high-quality and realistic shots, there is also video recording in HD mode, and the video is transmitted in real-time via WiFi.

Copter can simply shoot everything that is under it, can focus on the owner, and for this there are as many as three modes – from flights from below upwards to flight in a spiral. In general, this little drone can do a lot, its detailed review and comparison with DJI Mavic Pro is here. Yes, there is a discount of 10% for GT readers, and a promotional code is MOORE.

Another safe doppler for Zero Zero Robotics Hover Camera Passport. It's called that, because it's a little book, almost like a passport, yes. He has not come to us yet, but the review can be read here.

E-book – it should not be forgotten if you have it. Especially if a flight or a train takes more than a few hours, reading is an ideal option. Talk with fellow travelers 14 hours in a row you will not (although you never know), but you can read for unlimited time. Not everyone likes to read from the screens of smartphones, especially if using e-Paper eyes are less tired. There are a lot of models, including Kindle, Pocketbook, and variants from Sony. Yes, and Chinese manufacturers are producing excellent models now, so the choice is great.

Yes, by the way, an external battery should also be taken. Models of a thousand, but those that really deserve attention, yet not so much. There are batteries at one time, and there are universal stations that can charge a laptop, a tablet, and much more. An example is Rombica batteries. Not bad and inexpensive batteries do also Xiaomi – there are small batteries for 5 000 mAh, and there is more serious and more powerful by 20 000 mAh.

By the way, what do you take with you on vacation (apart from the usual things, of course)? GPS-tags? Clever shoes? Or just a towel and a good mood? Tell us in the comments, we will be interested.

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