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Google Corporation (or rather holding Alphabet, part of which is Google) decided to conduct an interesting experiment related to the field of medicine. By searching for mobile users, Google's algorithms will highlight users with depression. This project will be launched the other day, so that soon depressed Americans will be able to get information support.

In our turbulent times dozens, if not hundreds of millions, suffer from depression. According to the medical definition, this is a mental disorder characterized by a decrease in mood, a loss of the ability to experience joy, a violation of thinking, a decline in efficiency. In the latter case, a person looks at everything through the prism of the negative and passes into the camp of pessimists. It is worth noting that elderly people are three times more likely to suffer depression than younger or middle-aged people. In the United States, every fifth person suffers from depression.

In addition to basic, doctors also identify additional symptoms of depression:

  • pessimism;
  • a sense of guilt, futility, anxiety and (or) fear;
  • understated self-esteem;
  • inability to concentrate and make decisions;
  • thoughts of death and (or) suicide;
  • unstable appetite, marked decrease or gain in weight;
  • glycogenesis
  • disturbed sleep, the presence of insomnia or spillage.

The World Health Organization argues that depression is one of the main causes of adolescent morbidity and disability. It affects about 5% of children and adolescents in the age group from 10 to 16 years. According to the Americans, only every second person tries to treat depression in one way or another, the rest do nothing for this.

How is Google going to identify people suffering from depression and what will the search engine do? If an American (I recall that this project is relevant only for the United States so far), will enter relevant requests into Google's search string, then the latter will provide information about the disorder itself and the ways of its treatment.

If you want, you can pass a short test that can show whether a person really suffers from depression, or he just seems (or he suffers from something else). This is a questionnaire PHQ-9. The results will not be shared, it's private information, which, according to the corporation's idea, will help people get rid of their ailment.

If the diagnosis of "clinical depression" is confirmed, the person can only go to the doctor who will prescribe a course of treatment. The project is implemented jointly with the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Experts say that clinical depression is curable. If nothing is done, then this disease can affect many aspects of a person's life. At the same time, some people start treatment (or take at least something) after 6-8 years (!) After the appearance of the first symptoms of depression. In clinical depression (major depressive disorder) there are also varieties. One of them is known as dysthymia. This is a chronic mood disorder, when a person complains about his bad mood every day for several years.

It is quite difficult for doctors to diagnose depression, because its symptoms are similar to those of other problems with the psyche. Some patients are simply afraid of antidepressants and the fact that they are prescribed something potent. Others believe that they will cope with the problem, and talk about it is considered a sign of weakness. Also there are people who are simply afraid to get to a psychiatrist.

Due to the fact that information about the depression will be issued by Google, and in the main issue, this data will be seen by millions of people. They can immediately get information or any other support, of course, if you want to receive such help. Perhaps, if the project is recognized as successful, it will be extended to other countries. But it is still difficult to say when this will happen and whether it will happen at all. So it remains to observe the progress of the project in the United States.

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