Google will lower in search results Google Play applications with low performance news

Google Corporation introduces new rules for ranking applications in Google Play search. These rules are similar to those that were introduced earlier in relation to the sites in the search result of the corresponding service of the corporation. Namely – to punish the decrease will be those applications, the performance of which is far from desired. Thus, the company wants to protect users of mobile devices from working with programs that quickly deplete the energy in the battery of the phone or tablet or consume significantly more resources than necessary.

The main goal of the introduced changes is to make sure that the search results show only the highest quality applications that are effective in terms of power consumption and work with mobile device resources. According to the representatives of the corporation, to think about the need to introduce these rules, the Google Play team made the fact that about half of the reviews with a low rating are complaints from users about non-optimal operation of the programs.

Programs that do not work the way they want, frustrate users, so the latter often leave bad reviews. Prior to the introduction of changes, the popularity of the application helped him to hold high positions in the SERP even if users left a large number of low ratings. Now it will not be – no matter how popular the application, if it does not work very well, it will be lowered in the issuance.

Accordingly, developers will have to spend more time and effort on optimizing their programs – because someone wants to hang out somewhere at the bottom of the SERP because the application is not effectively using the resources of the mobile device. Now the update of the directory search search is already relevant for users, but not for everyone, but for a relatively small sample. If these users evaluate the changes positively, then they are scaled, spreading the action either to all users or to a significant part.

Actually, the fact that a badly working application annoys the user is understandable and so. But before some developers in the pursuit of profit did not pay too much attention to the need to optimize the program. Now this moment has become one of the critical ones, so that without optimizing the application for a good position in Google Play it is unlikely to be possible to quit.

Currently, more than one million programs are hosted in the Google Play apps directory, and their number continues to increase. Most likely, the new ranking algorithm will work for everyone from next week. The introduced changes will affect both application topologies and search.

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