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Since its inception, the crypto-currencies have been compared to conventional coins and precious metals. With the start of the ICO boom, the comparison took on a new depth: we can say that the desire to raise money for Initial Coin Offering has gained the scale of a gold rush – new ICOs are launched every day, and the number of those wishing to guess what stake they will be gilding does not decrease.

Against this backdrop, the idea of ​​the Corion project is slightly highlighted, the ICO of which is going pretty well right now – although it is nearing the close. It stands out that, unlike other projects, Corion attracts investors not with promises of a fabulous increase in the cost of tokens after launch, but with a stable exchange rate of its crypto currency. And the options that are tightly tied to the dollar rate, the coin can provide.

What is ICO. Obligatory diskimer: Initial Coin Offering is a crypto-analogue IPO, where shares replace tokens (smart contracts), which allows businesses to raise funds for development and simply launch without complex and expensive procedures accompanying the public offering of shares. In fact, this is crowdfunding for business projects, an alternative to traditional ways of financing start-ups (for example, venture funds).

Does the world need a crypto currency, tied to the dollar rate?

Despite the turbulent "personal life" and the rapidly growing interest from the outside, the world of crypto-currencies remains quite marginal in terms of global finance. The total number of people who somehow use crypto currency is only 8-10 million, which is not even a percentage, but a tenth of a percent of the world's population.

With all the power of bitcoin, for the role of the reserve world crypto currency, it fits less and less – the complex twists that the bitcoin community has to overcome just to keep the number of transactions at seven per second clearly does not contribute to its success in this field. But even more serious problem is the rabid volatility of the cue ball – a holiday for some will turn into a financial nightmare for others if they decide to develop some financial instruments on its basis.

The approach with which the cryptomir tries to surprise Corion is , To create a universal platform for the exchange of goods and services, working on the basis of the crypto currency, the rate of which is tightly tied to the dollar. If Coriola's course begins to grow – the system automatically emits new coins, up to 2.5% of their total number per day. In the event of a fall in the exchange rate, the issue of coins is suspended, the payment for transactions is reduced, and the owners of the corioles are encouraged to "park" their coins in purses – i.e. Their withdrawal from the stock exchanges.

Perhaps true fans of crypto-deniers can see something profoundly wrong in this approach – to bind the crypt to the currency. But, in the first place, there are many crypto-currencies – why not be alone and with this approach? And secondly, with the current ratio of the scale of the dollar to the scale of the market, there is a crypto currency, this move looks tactical, if not strategically – for years, and even decades – reasonable. Relying on the reserve world currency, Coryon takes the speculative interest in its coin out of brackets – and can be used as a bridge between the world of traditional finance and the crypto-kingdom.

With a steadily fixed course, the Coirion coin will become the fuel of the trading platform, the Corion marketplace, for the sake of The creation of which everything is started. The authors of the project hope that a "quiet harbor" without stormy course storms will be able to attract businesses and consumers of services interested in paying for crypto currency without a speculative headache.

The size of the market based on crypto-currencies As a means of exchange, Corion estimates about $ 650 million in four years. And the authors of the project are aimed at making their platform take up to 20-25% on it at that time.

ICO Coron's participation in the ICO?

is nearing completion: Week, and for the time being it has already raised almost $ 2 million. Corioles are sold at the rate, of course, a dollar for a coin. Now the last day of the bonus is 5% to buy. And for every 5,000 corioles purchased, investors receive Premium Token, emitted only during the ICO and giving its owners priority access to all the innovations of the Corion platform. At the same time, the traditional speculative argument is mentioned in the prospectus ICO – after the release on the exchange, the rate of the Pre-token should grow due to its rarity and closed exit – there will be no mechanisms for retention of the course.

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