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A month has passed since the ICO of the Estonian project Polybius, also known as Polybius Bank, during which we managed to collect more than $ 30 million, Even in the top five of the largest ICO in 2017 according to the Wall Street Journal.

In this article, we will talk about how one of the sales channels brought us more than seven million dollars by the CPA network Advendor .

The success of the IC Polybius is due to a number of "firsts": for the first time we started to take not only the crypto currency, but also traditional money (payments from cards and bank transfers), and also for the first time used fundraising through affiliate advertising networks on the CPA model .

As a result, traffic, attracted only by the advertising network Advendor, gave sales of more than $ 7 million. Summarizing the work on the ICO Polybius, the CEO of Advendora Maxim Evseev said:

If you have a product for the ICO, then we have a tool that will sell it.

The partner network Advendor

The history of Advendor began in 2015 in Tallinn, when the team was only four people. The first client of CPA-network was the cloud-based HashFlare mining, owned by HashCoins. Having gained a positive experience in sales of HashFlare, Advendor expanded the range of clients: first within the framework of cryptology, working with Genesis and Cryptopay projects, and then starting to cooperate with mobile applications, games, casinos, forex platforms. However, the main specialization of the project (and the main source of its income) continues to be offsets on crypto-currencies.

ICO Polybius

When in 2017 the founders of HashCoins founded the Polybius Foundation, and we began to prepare the ICO, then the attraction of Advendor was already quite a logical step. So the guys got the opportunity to test the partner program for CPA-model for ICO for the first time.

The result was sales of about $ 7 million with an average check of $ 1,000 (total ICO sales amounted to more than $ 30 million with an average check of $ 1,100). 70% of the funds raised through Advendor were in the crypto currency, 30% in Fiat (in dollars and euros).

The highest results were given by network partners working with contextual advertising in Google, banner networks like Cointraffic, which alone gave Sales of $ 1.5 million, as well as profile cryptsites.

There was no context in Yandex for ICO, as both Yandex and other Russian companies (for example, all Mail.Ru Group projects, including VKontakte) do not place advertising on crypto currency .

In addition to the above, Advendor's partners made email-lists, posts in social networks and even special websites – everything that can bring targeted traffic. And Advendor's team tracked traffic sources using a special tracker.

Advendor now, and plans

The success of ICO Polybius caused a rush to the services of Advender, primarily among new projects launching similar placements. Maxim Yevseyev explains the reasons:

For one affiliate marketing, bringing in sales of $ 7 million is a great result, and even more so when it comes to such a specific area as ICO.

Over the past two years, the team "Advendora" almost did not increase: for today the company employs only seven people. But business has grown substantially: now we are preparing for the ICO BitClave launch in September, a dozen new campaigns are waiting in line for launch – and even more projects are awaiting Advantor's decision on cooperation in the preliminary audit.

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