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In the first part we talked about how to get a job on the radio. Today we will continue the narrative and discuss the myths faced by novice DJs and vocalists

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Myths for the DJ

"I will not understand the technique"

In a person who is not connected with DJing, eyes run from one kind of equipment: a huge remote, turntables, many buttons, laptops. Of course, you can go the hard way and learn to play on vinyl, to understand what is lagging behind, delay or "horses" (often a deliberate mistake of information).

In fact, everything can be learned very quickly, if you start with simple tools like Virtual DJ or Traktor. They will help to master the "mixing". For training, you do not have to immediately buy expensive equipment, and certainly you should not go to the school of DJing.

There are a lot of videos on the Internet for mastering the basics. But it is better to tighten up English, video lessons on the most advanced "chips", as always, are not translated.

Now the main way of information is from the computer. You can connect both vinyl and CD-ROMs to the laptop, you can just play from several computers, connect utilities and tools for live performance to them. Digital DJing is easy, and it's not the future, but the present. Well, to learn best on the music that you like.

"I'll play my own game"

Even if you do not need to start from a specific style, but from what kind of music you like in principle, then a beginner DJ can "get stuck" on one thing. It is not right. Playing only deep house or techno, it will not be possible to advance and "sell" yourself. In this case, the eye is very quickly "lapped", the sets become monotonous and boring.

If you consider DJing as a job, you will often have to play not what you like, but what one or another institution will require. As long as the DJ does not make a name for himself.

"I know all the trends"

It's not enough just to know what's in fashion now. Music needs to be heard and understood. Its music base will have to be constantly updated, to search for a new one, to collect a record library.

At first, when a DJ plays in a disco or a corporate, this is doubly important. The dance floor does not always want what the DJ thinks is "right".

For the procedure of updating the library you can allocate several hours a day. For example, Sunday morning. The musical base is an obligatory attribute of a good DJ.

Paradox – the better the musical taste, the more difficult it is to choose tracks. To choose music, you should use decent headphones. Ideally, of course, monitors are needed.

"I do not think about how I will look – nobody looks at me"

With this approach, it is better not to engage in DJing at all. You are an artist, not a mannequin. Therefore, when working behind the remote control, you should not "stand by the post" (unless you are an underground techno DJ or playing minimal house). It is necessary to be active.

If a person is fully involved in the work process, then the activity behind the console happens by itself. In other words, the DJ is "rushing" from what he is doing, which means that the dance floor will reciprocate. Danced dancing, screaming into the microphone and a rabid shaking of the head – this does not always look adequate. The audience does not like this audience.

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Myths for the vocalist

"I will go to the group or to those who are already known"

If the soul does not lie to the office work, and the eye starts to twitch from the slightest mention of the unloved occupation, it does not mean that the "exit" is already a "ready" musical project or collective.

Finding your "own" band is priceless, But you need to understand that a similar situation can develop in the creative sphere. Therefore, if you sing well, but do not like chanson, you should not agree to sing in a restaurant or in a band that imitates Butyrka.

If you want to "shout" into a microphone in the style of Kurt Cobain, then even for good The fee is not worth going to the pop group. Conflicts, tension and disputes will arise. All this will take your time.

On the other hand, it is important to be able to find compromise solutions. A group of like-minded people has more chances of success. But as soon as the group goes into the background and becomes a hobby, it will not have commercial success. Although this does not mean that such an outcome is bad either. The amateur groups do not tour, but they perform well on corporations and earn.

"My repertoire is perfect"

It is important to know your target audience. If you are a cover band, and the goal is to "distract" the heterogeneous audience, you need to "work" with the appropriate repertoire.

This advice is trivial, but not every musical collective remembers about it. There are situations when on the corporation of financiers the group performs Dorn and does not understand why the dance floor is so empty and the faces are so serious.

On the stage, one must be open and honest with the public – then she will respond in kind. Who would not be on the dance floor, play and sing from the heart and people.

The spectator is the same person as you. He can get tired. The spectator must be felt during the concert. "To brake" the audience is very carefully. If people are tired, and the band insistently plays vigorous songs, you can finally "break down" the atmosphere.

The general myth: "I'll earn a living"

At the beginning of the money will not be. To start playing, the best way is to find an institution that could use music or your vocal talent. At the same time, one must be prepared to play and sing at minimal cost or free of charge.

The method is, of course, complicated. There are a lot of people on the market who are ready to act "for experience" or for minimal money.

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PPS: building adhesive tape perfectly adheres wires to clothes.

And never jump into the crowd at the first concert – you will break your nose.

If you are a good professional, then working in the music industry is fun. Clubs, music, fans. But this is not exact.

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