Ilon Mask can start laying a test tunnel in the direction of LAX airport in October

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The first tunnel for the movement of cars on an electric trolley, which will be designed and built by Ilona Mask The Boring Co., can begin construction in October, starting the tunnel laying from the SpaceX office in the town of Hawthorne in the south- East of Los Angeles.

City council late evening He unanimously approved the agreement between The Boring Co., an international firm by the WSP designer and the city, to identify and compensate for any potential consequences from the project for the environment.

According to officials, this review will last up to three months, but may Will end already next month. Then, the city council will have to decide whether to apply more thorough environmental expertise.

"The rest of the world looks at Hawthorne at this test site," adviser Haydar Awad said. "We will be the first who implements it, but we just started. We are at the very beginning of the journey. We are going to enter the unexplored territory, so we just make sure that everything is safe. We want to protect each of the parties in this situation. "

The Boring Co. Presented plans for the first three kilometers of the tunnel from SpaceX headquarters on Crenshaw Boulevard, north to 120th Street, and then west to Hawthorne Boulevard. However, to continue beyond the borders of this site, additional permits will be required.

Angie English adviser said that she still does not like this idea.
"What are the future aspirations that this so-called The Boring Co. Hopes to implement in our city? "- asked Angie English. "It's really amazing that we are here today discussing the company The Boring Co., which appeared like a bolt from the blue."

Mask likes to move fast

Last week, Mayor of the City of Hawthorne Alex Vargas met with the Mask to inspect the entrance to the tunnel, which was built fairly quickly after The Boring Co. Acquired the second-hand tunnel tunnel in May.

The entrance to the tunnel in the old parking space SpaceX falls under the ground to a depth of 20 feet (6 m), and the length is about 500 feet (150 m). Currently, the company is completing the construction of a pedestrian bridge at the same intersection that connects the office with a new garage across the road.

On Wednesday morning, Mask shared a video on his Instagram account of a newly built elevator car the size of a parking space, Which will deliver cars to the tunnel. Once it is inside, they will be put on carts that move through the tunnel, he said.

A functioning elevator near the entrance to the tunnel, located in the parking space of SpaceX office

Ultimately, he hopes to provide access to the tunnel network for cars, bicycles and pedestrians.

Vargas said that Mask gave him a tour of the system and praised him for stimulating the flow of finance for City, as it helps to fight the budget deficit.

"Elo Musk likes to move fast – Vargas said. "It's good, we need continuous progress, we want this project to succeed, we stand behind it." My concern is to protect the city and make sure that everything passes without a hitch. "

The temporary city manager Arnie Schadber, who is also the city's public works director, is working closely with government agencies to approve the tunnel project.

The State Department of Occupational Safety and Health and the Fire Department of Los Angeles County are already studying plas "The Federal Aviation Administration also needs to approve it, because next to it there are lines of optical fiber.

According to Shadber, the tunnel is planned to gradually deepen below ground, from a depth of 20 feet to 43 feet, to To avoid conflicts with engineering networks.

"We will carry out independent calculations related to emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere from the construction of the tunnel and other sources, and will assess the potential impact on the environment in all problem areas, – says the WSP letter to the city council.

The surrounding population did not even notice the drilling of the tunnel, because the vibrations from the construction do not reach the surface, Shadber said. The excavated rock is likely to be collected in the old SpaceX parking lot and transported by truck.

"We love SpaceX. We are proud of it. We will work with them, but, as the city council noted, we must ensure that all rules and regulations are observed, "Shadber said. "SpaceX must prove to us that all problems are solved."

Verbal permission

Mask said he wants to extend the tunnel to Hawthorne for a total of up to 6 miles, connecting to the Los Angeles International Airport -Angeles. He also held positive discussions with White House officials about the construction of a high-speed network of Hyperloop tunnels from New York to Washington, DC, according to public statements by Mask and federal officials.

"Just received an oral permission from the government for The Boring Co. On the construction of an underground tunnel NY-Phil-Balt-DC Hyperloop. NY-DC for 29 minutes, "- wrote Mask in his public account on Twitter on July 20. An oral permission was given at the federal level. There is still much work to be done before formal, written approval, but this opens the door for discussion in the state and the city. "

Representatives of the White House confirmed the discussion, saying: "We had promising conversations to date, which pursue transformational infrastructure projects."

The concept of Hyperloop, presented by Ilon Mask in 2013, is developed by several commercial Companies, including Hyperloop One in Los Angeles. In May, the company completed the first full test of its electromagnet drive Hyperloop. Currently, they are working to increase the speed of the system to hundreds of miles per hour.

Although Mask said that the tunnel network on the East Coast will be built for Hyperloop, he did not mention the use of this system in Hawthorne.

"He also talks about building tunnels in Culver City and San Francisco. All that is beyond our borders is someone else's concern, "Vargas said. "The synergy created by Elon Mask for the city of Hawthorne is phenomenal – with reusable missiles, the design of Tesla's center, the solar batteries that are developing here, and now we have The Boring Co."

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