Ilon Mask claims to have received permission to build a tunnel from New York to Washington

Source: TechCrunch

The entrepreneur Ilona Mask has so many projects that speaking of One of them, it is worth to clarify what exactly is going on, otherwise you can get confused. Yesterday, he announced that he had received "verbal" permission to build a tunnel for the super-high-speed train Hyperloop. In this case, the tunnel is not test, it must connect New York and Washington, thus becoming the longest tunnel in the world.

Unfortunately, Mask did not specify the details of the permit, and his spokesman refused to comment on the head of the company. But some conclusions can be drawn. So, from the amount of data that Ilon nevertheless provided, it becomes clear that the tunnel is planned to be built underground, another one of his company will be engaged in this, which was called the Boring Company. And in this case it is planned to build a tunnel for Hyperloop, and not for cars (another project is the Mask).

The message on Twitter is good, but it remains unclear who gives money for construction, who provided the permit and, most importantly, what time is allocated for the implementation of the plan. At the moment, the largest tunnel in the world is the Gotthard Basin Tunnel. This is a railway tunnel in Switzerland with a length of 57.1 km (including service and pedestrian crossings – 153.4 km). The northern portal of the tunnel is near the village of Erstfeld, and the southern portal is near the village of Bodio. After the completion of the eastern part (October 15, 2010) and the western part (March 23, 2011), it became the longest railway tunnel in the world.

The tunnel that conceived to build the Mask will be twice as long as the Swiss one. And here, of course, the cornerstone is money. The fact is that the amount for its construction will be simply huge. For comparison, the recently opened branch of the subway in New York cost the city budget at $ 4.5 billion. And this despite the fact that its length is only a few kilometers. For the first time this branch was proposed to be built in 1919, but was opened in January 2017.

Perhaps, the drilling company Ilona Mask has some know-how, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of building tunnels. At the same time, cheapness should not affect the safety of the tunnel, it must be very reliable. Drilling Boring Co., most likely, will be using a specialized drilling machine, bought by Mask "from hand". This system is called Godot, and it already showed itself well in the work, having drilled a test tunnel.

The most interesting thing is that back in April Musk spoke about Boring Co. The following: "Our company is mainly trainees and those who are only partially employed here. We bought some equipment from our hands. This is a kind of work and we are showing good progress. " That is, it was almost entertainment in April, and in July, "trainees and part-time employees received" good "for the construction of the longest tunnel in the world."

Having acquired the machine for drilling tunnels, Mask decided to modify it so that the work went faster. About how exactly the team Boring Co. Changed the design, not reported. But it is unlikely that such a huge job as drilling a tunnel between New York and Washington can be done in a few weeks or even months.

On July 4, the company Ilona Mask completed the first tunnel segment for the underground road under Los Angeles. In this case, we are talking about a project that is not related to Hyperloop. Then the entrepreneur announced the installation of a steel frame in the elevator shaft, the lift itself, probably already installed. According to the plan, the tunnels can be multi-level, which will reduce the load on the road network by placing cars underground.

Mask earlier said that obtaining work permits is a more difficult task than drilling itself. However, a representative of the White House recently reported that a "promising conversation" had taken place with Mask. About the tunnel was not said a word, although in the comments of the government and mentioned some "infrastructure projects".

By the way, planning for the upcoming work front, geological exploration and other tasks can take several years. In Virginia, USA, where several years ago they decided to build a long tunnel, this stage of the preparatory work was completed only now.

Maybe his posting on Twitter Mask only draws attention to his new company. I must say that he succeeds if the plan was just that – now the world's leading mass media are writing about the tunnel between New York and Washington, practically without questioning that the implementation of the project sooner or later, but will begin. Mask himself stated that he is still far from the formal approval of the project, but he remains optimistic in this respect.

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