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When you connect your iPhone to some car stereos there is one small problem – the first song from the playlist automatically starts to play in alphabetical order. Each time the same song is played until the user selects a playlist. It's clear that it bothers to listen to the same song every day for weeks and months. Even if you like it very much, the melody will get tired anyway.

A certain user named Samir Mezrahi became a real hero for millions of unhappy, tormented iPhone owners who are tired of listening to the same thing. He posted a ten-minute song in iTunes without sound A a a a a Very Good Song – Single . After downloading this song and adding to your playlist, you get 10 minutes of reverential silence when you connect your phone to the stereo. There is a time to quietly choose the albums to listen to.

Judging by the thousands of thanks on Twitter, this simple trick helped a huge number of people who could not solve the problem on their own.

Twice Samir with the announcement of the song received 5,015 retweets and 15,278 likes, and the song without sound has already climbed to the 30th place in the hit parade of the most popular songs of iTunes. Now Samir Mezrahi is a more popular performer than Selena Gomez and dozens of other not so famous singers. Some critics believe that in terms of its genius conceptuality, the song without Mesrachi's sound is not inferior to the black square of Malevich.

The single is sold at a standard price of $ 0.99. That's how people earn tens of thousands of dollars in one day. There is no need for intellectual supernormal abilities. The main thing is to understand the needs of people and help them, solving their problems in a timely manner. People will gladly and gladly give you money if you solve their problem, even if it is contrived, even something that they themselves could easily solve, but do not want to do it, it's easier for them to pay.

Acknowledgments of users to Samir have no limit.

Only users of Android look at what is happening with perplexity.

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