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Unlike Intel Core, the lineup of Intel Atom processors is updated extremely irregularly; Some families are generally removed from production, and in other novelties you can wait for years. The unexpected looks like a massive launch of just 15 new Intel Atom models with the C index. However, the most interesting thing is different: for the first time in history, the top model of the Atom C3000 series has neither more nor less than 16 cores! Other characteristics of the C3000 are also quite impressive, in fact, we got a new server platform – more precisely, rather, a micro server.

Processors of the new family have indices from C3308 to C3958, they are performed on a 14-nm process technology. The number of nuclei varies from 2 to 16 (there is no hypertrading), the frequency is from 1.6 to 2 GHz. The cache size is from 4 to 16 MB. Supports up to 256 GB ECC DDR4-2133 memory, in most models dual-channel memory.

Built-in SoC controllers provide 6 to 20 lines of PCI Express, 8 USB 3.0 ports, up to 16 SATA 6 Gbps ports. Separately, it's worth mentioning the on-board network controller, which supports up to 4 10-gigabit ports. There is a full set of virtualization functions, individual models support Intel Turbo Boost and Intel QuickAssist technologies. In general, in terms of power consumption (and the maximum TDP does not exceed 30 watts), performance indicators look impressive. Historically, the C-series was intended for embedded solutions, network devices and storage. But now it's a full-fledged server line that allows to create miniature but powerful computers.

It so happened that the first device based on Intel Atom C3000 was announced before the official announcement of the processors themselves. They became the server motherboard Gigabyte MA10-ST0. Pay attention to the number and variety of ports; Especially with unaccustomed impressive SFP + module "on board" – and all this on a mini-ITX size board.

In my opinion, we can expect the emergence of a whole series of very interesting devices on the new platform.


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