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The other day we visited our friends and partners at the Center for Youth Innovation Creativity "LAB3DPrint", this is one of the oldest TSMITs in Russia, A platform for teaching adults and children digital production, 3D-modeling, design.

In addition to an interesting and useful pastime, students receive unique experience and skills in such innovative areas as 3D printing, 3D modeling, robotics, 2D drawing and laser cutting. The center is well equipped with modern equipment for the production of 3D prototypes, laser cutting, engraving, vacuum casting and much more.

At the end of last year, our company began delivering Raise3D 3D printers to Russia by signing an exclusive contract with this manufacturer and one of the first 3D printers Raise3D N2 Plus was installed in the Laboratory of 3D printing.

We discussed with Ivan Moshkin, the creator and head of the Laboratory of 3D printing, what the company is living now, what successes were achieved, and, of course, his impressions of Raise3D.

Ivan, we, as the official distributors of Raise3D, are primarily interested in your impressions of the N2 Plus Dual model. Tell us why did you choose this particular model?

We carefully approach the selection of equipment for our needs, and at the end of last year we had a need for a FDM 3D printer with a large print camera, such a printer would allow us to print products of large sizes entirely, But not parts. We chose from several models, and Raise3D N2 Plus Dual attracted a few key points:

  1. Two extruders that are very necessary when printing models with soluble supports
  2. Large construction area 305 * 305 * 610 mm and enclosed enclosure
  3. Replaceable nozzles of large diameter 0.8 mm, which speeds up the printing of large models
  4. The extruder design, which makes it possible to print with different materials
  5. And finally, the price for a printer, which is about half the size of similar models from the US and Europe, was not an unimportant factor.

The printer has been in operation for about 1.5 months, has it met your expectations?

Immediately I can highlight a few undeniable advantages of the printer. Having your own battery allows you to resume printing in case of problems with electricity, when the model is printed for days – this is a very useful feature. When the power is turned off, the printer will remember the place of the stop and continue printing from it. The printer is very quiet, it turned out to be a very important advantage, given that it constantly prints something. Another plus is the ability to change a number of printing options already during printing. Also recently we were pleased with the updated software iDeaMaker, in which the Russian language appeared.

Perhaps there were time to identify any shortcomings?

The sensor of the end of the plastic supply is very short. We also think that the wheels are not the most successful solution, I would like to have an alternative in the form of legs, we always have the printer in one place, we would prefer a standard printer stand.

Concerning the end of the plastic supply – soon such an option will appear.


For what purposes do you use Raise3D N2 Plus Dual?

Mainly for prototyping large models and industrial design objects. For example, the weight of this part is more than a kilogram, Raise3D printed it for 44 hours, taking into account the size and complexity is quite a good result.

Also we use a printer for making prostheses, orthoses, skulls for medical institutions. If we talk about materials for printing, we have already used PLA, ABS, HIPS, and also transparent plastic SBS.

Ivan, tell us about the main activities of your CIMIT?

At the moment, it is possible to single out 3 main directions:

  • rendering of services on prototyping, 3D-printing, 3D-scanning;
  • laser cutting;
  • teaching adults and children to work on digital equipment: 3D printers, scanners, laser machines.

To date, our center has the following classes:

3D prototyping for adults, the basics of working on a 3D printer, modeling in Fusion 360, the fundamentals of working with non-standard materials and post-processing, laser cutting and engraving, CAD engineering for Adults. By the way, our students recently won the first place in laser technology at the Moscow Junior Skills Championship.

We wholeheartedly congratulate you and your pupil with the haste and wish you further achievements and victories, we hope that the Raise3D equipment will help you in this.

The team Of the company Color World

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