Invitation to the birthday party "Coworking 14". We are 1 year recovery mode


Very soon, on April 8, we will be 1 year old. It would seem that the date is very small, but during this time we managed to achieve good results – filled coworking with happy residents, many of which started in our space. At our site, a number of events were held, including educational lectures, master classes and language meetings in Spanish, English, and from this month and in German. We became friends with the city administration and started a close working together.

In the framework of cooperation with youth organizations on the basis of [Coworking 14] computer literacy courses were held for the older generation of the city, where students and students taught basic skills to pensioners Work on the computer. In a rather dense work schedule, we found time to shoot in various commercials, films and TV shows, among which a new advertising campaign Microsof # etenenorm, commercials of the innovative company Tesla Amaizing and new projects directed by Pavel Sanayev and Rezo Giginishvili. But even this is not all, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Moscow region, a meeting with an international delegation of the distant country of Burundi, where an agreement on cooperation in the field of tourism and investment was signed.

April 8, we want to invite You celebrate our birthday with us. We thought for a long time what we would arrange and understand that we have everything for a great party. On this day, "Coworking 14" will transform into a real slice of Las Vegas, where everyone can win a jackpot in the casino, dance to the tracks of the DeepFamily label residents, surrounded by beauties from the model agency Creepy Sweets, plunge into the atmosphere of virtual reality or join a mafia clan. As well as it is accepted at serious actions for businessmen, will not manage without presentation of our new project. Since it's been a year since the opening of the first coworking center, we plan to grow and expand, so on the day of the celebration, we will reveal the secret about where the new coworking space will be and how it will look.


But we can not do without one celebration and although it is customary to give presents to our birthday on birthday we decided to arrange a drawing of 3 prizes:

– 1 annual subscription for The maximum tariff in "Coworking 14"
 – 1 semi-annual subscription for the maximum tariff in Coworking 14
 – 20 hours of using the meeting room

As before, we have excellent snacks from our delicious partner FryDay Cafe and a limited series of beer from our cloud partner RUVDS, designed specifically for system administrators.

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