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We decided to try a new genre on GeekTimes for ourselves – a post-question, and the question is not idle: is it dangerous or not to go to sleep on headphones?

Ever since the "presentation" here headphones for sleep somehow arose and questions, and critical reviews on the topic that "sleep in headphones is very harmful."

What do people say about this?

The network, as always, is full of experts who live on forums, answers.male.ru and other authoritative for many venues , Which to a certain extent claim, though, not referring to anything, that sleeping in headphones is harmful.

It is important to note here that most of the conclusions are given through the introductory "I think" and its derivatives: "it seems", "I believe" and so on. Our local analog Quora (where, incidentally, the same question was asked), The Questions, where it was decided to look for answers to all the questions, also did not pass over the topic and is displayed almost on the first line of the search engine:

And again, "I think, yes, certainly, it is harmful" and "just like a big minus." Unconvincing, but categorically.

In Russian in 2016 a note was published on the portal "Moscow Medicine", where also without references to research can be read:

Listening to music before bedtime can be detrimental to the quality of sleep

No study has yet analyzed the effect of this habit on headphones, but recent studies have shown that using headphones during sleep can disrupt sleep by changing cycles and thereby reducing sleep quality.

Harmful VS is safe

About The main problem with the answer to this question is probably related to the substitution of concepts: indeed, there are reasons to believe that sleeping in headphones is unsafe for a number of reasons. Even in Western forums in the "question-answer" mode, doctors make the same mistake, confuse the harm and potential danger associated with the fact that a person can listen to a fire alarm or a gas leak detector.

What is – that is. You can choke with a wire, you can listen to the alarm, thieves, murderers. There were also very trashovye cases (Caution), but all of them in the category of "danger to life, health due to closed ears."

What is meant to be harmful?

In this connection, the question has matured, but what is meant by "it is harmful to sleep in headphones". Probably, we must answer that this should be interpreted as a direct harm to the organs of hearing, which is caused precisely by the headphones during sleep.

And here, too, there will be some difficulties, because the damage from the headphones is a seemingly obvious thing. But nowhere is there any convincing evidence that, falling asleep with headphones, this harm is done "better".

Yes, listening to music on headphones can have a negative impact on the hearing organs, which is proven and obvious. However, not only noise in the headphones, but also noise in general – a disastrous thing. Hearing will worsen faster or slower, judging by the research, it will inevitably happen anyway. But in this sense, it turns out that headphones, scoundrels such, not only at night, but also during the day are equally dangerous.

Music for Sleep

The influence of music on the body seems to be proven. And, she can and treat, and kill.

It's hard to talk about music therapy, of course. However, there are some indirect indications that music for sleep does exist. It is necessary to understand this in such a way that some frequencies adjust the person to a certain harmony, promote relaxation, relaxation, which facilitates the process of immersion in sleep.

On the already mentioned forum in a concise form, doctors are also inclined to this. And in more detailed studies, one can come across the conclusion that music helps so much: by reducing the pain in fibromyalgia that provoke insomnia, the patient helps to fall asleep. Or as a prophylaxis of all the same insomnia – with a post-traumatic stress disorder.

At the same time, it should be noted that there is no specific indication of how to listen to music in headphones or not. The influence of relaxing classical music positively affects the dream of students, and again – in the headphones or not?

The author's material lists some problems that can arise when using headphones. Among the already mentioned dangers of strangulation, a difficult reaction to signaling, there is a necrosis of the skin, for example, the truth, with reference to the women's magazine. In this case we are talking about the type of headphones "plugs". It is noteworthy that as an alternative and a way of safe listening, the same author leads just headband bandages, SleepPhones as well.

In other words

As a result, which leads, in fact, to the question, it is necessary to note here that:

  • Headphones during sleep can be dangerous, but harm to health, for the hearing aid is unproven.
  • The damage to hearing from the use of headphones at night and during the day is equivalent.
  • Music can be recommended as a non-pharmacological means to facilitate diving (19459016)
  • You can listen to it, probably both in headphones and without them, – the advantage of headphones is that it will not disturb others.

In this regard, the question is, how do you think?

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