It is hard to mock, easy to lose and impossible to protect. Although, wait a minute …

Hi, Gictimes! Mining in a short time made noise more than the confrontation between the state and messengers, neural network musicians and crypto viruses combined. "Miners" -diagnostics became sharper, computer hardware jumped in price, while the indices of the crypto-currencies nervously twitch and make the miners themselves nervous and jerk. Today, we will try to answer the question "who are all these people?", To understand why crypto currencies have become a significant force, how they are extracted, and to understand how virtual money is protected from theft after long months of extraction.

Miners: the beginning

About "digital gold" began to speak 9 years ago – then with caution, and not with excitement, as it is today. Even in Russia, with its relatively inexpensive electricity, few believed that a distributed solution of arithmetic problems with subsequent reward for, then still, "pennies" would be truly beneficial. Around the first popular currency of this type, Bitcoin, puzzled financial analysts, geeks, businessmen and merchants of banned goods. A large part of enthusiasts are still puzzled how the "financial pyramids" that they consider crypto-currencies can interest someone. Therefore, for those who, for some reason, did not immerse themselves deeply in the topic, we will try to "explain on the fingers" the history of the matter.

Since 2008, Bitcoin has remained an "elusive Joe" for several years in succession, but bank-independent incognito transactions Many fell in taste, and with the appearance of exchanges, at last it became possible to "feel" the crypto currency after cashing. At the same time, the rate showed stable growth, and organizations and individuals who accepted payments by koinas became more day by day. In general, it was possible to buy not only pizza on Bitcoin. And so, when the currency became popular, and its rate set new records, Bitcoin again became a highly specialized topic, "mere mortals" lost all interest in it. Why did this happen?

How to believe in virtual currencies more than in real

Bitkoyn, like the first crypto currency, "fired" not spontaneously, but when the stars came together in the right way:

Blochechan – to all the head! Distributed database of all transactions in anonymous Pseudo-anonymous crypto currency. Imagine a handyman, Vasya, who dug from here and before dawn for piecework payment. From the point of view of the legislation, Vasily is in no way protected, because there was no labor contract (in transferring to the crypto currency – banking transaction) between the employee and the employer. But bitkoyn is designed so that the chronicle "Vasya offered to dig for as many as 1,000 rubles for 1,000 rubles" with subsequent entries "Vasya dug up" remains fireproof and is stored immediately by all employers and employees.

The short answer to the question "yes what have you found in this bitkoyne?"

And Vasya's report "this scoundrel did not pay for the work", too Is spreading throughout the network, so falsifying transactions or "cheating" with the results of mining the crypto currency (the solution of the mathematical problem with hardware and the opening of a new Bitcoin block) is mindless – it is impossible to forge all the network members at once, and this operation will simply not be valid

There were no legislative obstacles with respect to crypto currency . Now it is planned, but to classify Bitcoin and the company as money surrogates, state regulators will not be (because this definition is incorrect), and measures on currency regulation are still very vague.

Protection against sudden emission ] Or "we, the US government, have printed more dollars, and then the old ones end." No one can add a little more to the maximum number of bitocoins (21 million) still slightly.

Miners around!

True, there are "pitfalls" – high volatility (fluctuations in the rates of crypto-currency) and the complexity of extraction. The more blocks of crypto currency opened miners, the more difficult it was to extract it in the future. In the good old days, Bitcoin canning was simply on the central processor of the home PC, then it became more profitable to perform the same mathematical tasks on the GPU using the shader units (ALU), and this was a new round of mining.

The peak of popularity of mining on video cards fell on the output of Radeon 7000 series and "six hundredth" NVIDIA GTX in 2012-2013. Architecturally red cards of the family Southern Islands (Radeon HD 7700 – 7970) were stuffed with a lot of ALUs than comparable in price and gaming performance GeForce, so the first serious discomfort for gamers amateurs of crypto-currency was delivered in the days of Mass Effect 3 and the first part of Dishonored. There was no real shortage of video cards, but for several months the famous HD 7970 and its younger sisters were much more expensive than competitors from the "green camp."

… and no GTA with photorealistic mode on this

But then the "fever" quickly came to naught, because at first the video cards surrendered under the onslaught of more economical, but still universal FPGA-calculators, and the final blow to the mining was done ASIC Miners – "computer-trained" computer systems for the production of bitcoins. With flagship graphics cards they were more effective hundreds of times, so the tools of the gaming community and the fans of crypto currency gradually ceased to intersect.

Be simpler, and home PC owners will reach out to you

Thus, the production of bitcoins from home entertainment "amateurs" turned into a lesson for "professionals" who managed to rearm themselves on fast ASIC-miners and build farms out of them – the residents of China distinguished themselves with special zeal.

An alternative to unprofitable mining at home was renting a cloud For the extraction of bitcoins. Crypto-currency courses have never been exemplary stable, therefore, enterprising owners of ASIC opted for a "bird in hand" and instant income from renting farms, rather than changing earnings prospects for mining.

ASIC mining does not look as romantic as modified home PCs, but it's damn efficient (in the photo – Genesis Mining Farm, PRC)

The remaining supporters of the crypto currency either retrained the fast iron for fork-forking and other currencies , With blackjack and without ASIC-cheaters, or sold Video cards and FPGA to earn on the difference in the rates of bitcoins, lightcoins and other currencies.
By the intervention of the miners in 2017, we are not obliged to Bitcoin (although it grew in value), and the new-fashioned crypto-currencies Zcash and "Ether" (1945). The first began to gain popularity as a crypto currency for absolute paranoia (fully encoded information about transactions), and "Ether" became wildly popular, because it is finally "friendly to proletarians" of the crypto currency. "Ether", like Bitcoin in the good old days, it is most profitable to mine on video cards. The algorithm for block mining in Ethereum is protected from the use of ASIC.

On the basis of such joy, the amateurs of mining in May-June 2017 snapped up new video cards (Radeon RX 470-480 and 500 series analogues, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060/1070 / 1080), they joined the pools and provoked a shortage of desktop graphics for a long time ahead. However, how the valiant Jedi produce currency on varieties of "asikov" and video cards, everyone says, while few people remember where and how virtual money should be stored, so as not to lose all the accumulations in one fell swoop.

] Whom should I appoint as the repository of virtual money?

Anonymous currency should be anonymous currency, because this is an anonymous currency! Therefore, cozy web-purses with the mother's maiden name as a "secret" issue and raids by curious special services in crypto-currencies are not in vogue.
But the only correct way to store crypto-currencies in nature does not exist: the miners can choose from:

Local wallets (client programs Bitcoin / other currencies with file wallet.dat, Access to money). The software of this type can be divided into "full-bodied" versions, with a huge file of blocking (monstrous Bitcoin Core, for example), and repacks lightweight versions of wallets that load the data necessary for work after launch (for example, light Armory ). The principle is similar to downloading part of the files from the distribution in BitTorrent. Bitcoin Core, or "offline wallet by default"

• [Bitrixin Core, or "offline wallet by default"].

Online services and mobile applications . Kind people who allow you to store the access key to all your Bitcoin in your database for your login and password. On the one hand, you do not have to worry that the PC on which money lies will "knock on the outside" and steal data with a new vulnerability. On the other hand, the security of online services is maintained, literally, "on an honest word," and if the owners of the service steal money from customers' accounts at once, you will only have to shed tears on thematic forums. They stole the access code to the wallet – it's your own fault. By the way, Apple began to miss Bitcoin wallets in the App Store only in 2014.

Mobile wallets on smartphones

• Finally, there are special storage devices ( hardware Bitcoin-purses ) for access to such important and confidential data as crypto-currencies. They differ in the degree of sophistication and, of course, in prices. They are either slightly more expensive flash drives with password-based access and encryption support, or very expensive analogues of bank smart cards … Therefore, a more universal option for offline storage of a purse may be … a flash drive with password access and encryption support. And they are with us!

Moisture-proof flash-safe for crypto-currency

The drive, in which "money minted by back-breaking money" is stored, certainly should not be a hard disk in A penny Chinese case. And it should hardly be an ordinary flash drive, because:

Hardware access protection to data is needed . Otherwise, the flash drive can be "brut" to blue, and the fanatical miners (and those who steal data from them) – the guys are patient.
No third-party drivers . It's not enough on what computer you need to perform the tracing, it's better to do without unnecessary troubles.
• Any protection against external influences . Not to swim away from boats in Hawaii with bitkoynami in shorts, and that spilled on a flash drive, coffee did not send it to the forefathers.

In the Kingston model line such a drive appeared before the new crypto-currency boom, and the name – Kingston DataTraveler 2000. Joint development with iStorage, a company that specializes in burglar-resistant drives, and ClevX, which develops encryption technologies.

Kingston DataTraveler 2000 – a flash drive enhanced by the protection of personal Data

So, an aluminum flash drive with a pin Pad to unlock data access. Press the key with the key image and enter the password with a length of 7 to 10 characters . From now on, you have 30 seconds to connect a USB stick to the PC before the data on it is unlocked again. After you extract the DataTraveler 2000, the data is automatically blocked.

If the password is entered incorrectly 10 times in a row, the flash drive erases the data. In order for the pinpad to live and be healthy for entering the password, its operability is supported by a Li-Pol battery. Resetting the data pinpad will occur if the flash drive will be on the shelf for a year without a single connection to the PC. When you first connect to the USB battery, of course, replenish the charge. Finally, the flash drive is protected from moisture and dust [by the standard IP57] – it will survive even if it briefly dives to a depth of 1 meter.

Kingston DataTraveler 2000 ]

The DataTraveler 2000 capacity extends from 16 to 64 GB, so the drive is designed for "thin" wallets that do not store all Bitcoin blocks on the local storage, but only access the required blocks. The storehouse of the entire block will require a drive with at least 128 GB capacity, but this is a completely different price category. And it is hardly to be hoped that even a protected flash card will not be hacked if it falls into the hands of the security services, but without exploring possible vulnerabilities and a point attack, the exploiter can not steal data from such a Kingston drive.
Color performance only one (fashionable pink and gold is not), prices vary depending on the volume and for all versions of flash drives are available here.

The main thing is vigilance!

As soon as the production of crypto-currency becomes too time-consuming, new "koins" appear that are more friendly to the broad masses of the people. The old desktop iron becomes inefficient in mining – enthusiasts are transplanted to new configurations.

Take care of Bitcoin-wallet from a youth,% username%!

But saving the money of the miners will always be the handiwork of the miners themselves. Use only trusted online exchangers! Check the contents of the ssl certificate (and https support, in principle) before entering confidential data on the sites! Wash your hands before eating! Use sunscreen!

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For more information about the products Kingston and HyperX please visit the company's official website. In the selection of its kit HyperX will help the page with a visual aid.

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