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Hello friends! In June, Motorola introduced the new Moto Z2 Play – a mid-range smartphone that has a surprisingly slim body and an interesting modular system. The device will soon be on sale, and why it should be paid attention – we will now tell you.

External appearance

The first thing that attracts attention is the small thickness of the Moto Z2 Play – only six millimeters. This is less than most of the flagships of the current year, and in fact the smartphone refers only to the middle segment. The previous model, Moto Z Play, was also slim (7 mm), but the updated model in this regard is particularly prominent.

Under the screen there is a touch button with a built-in fingerprint scanner, at the same time it can be configured to recognize gestures. In the upper area, except for the front camera window and the eyelet for the sensors, note the flash – lovers of SELFI will be happy. Some manufacturers make imitations of face illumination through a white screen, but the flash is still much more effective.

On the right side, we see separate volume buttons and the power key, and the left side is completely deaf. Interestingly, the power button is ribbed – feel at once felt. The tray for SIM cards and microSD-drive is available from the top.

Very pleased with the presence of two slots for SIM-cards and flash drives: as a rule, smartphones have to choose between two SIM or SIM + microSD, but there is no need to compromise. Below is the USB Type-C standard 3.1, as well as a 3.5-mm headphone jack.

The main photomodule is enclosed in a beautiful ring, but not this block attracts attention, but the panel with golden dots in the lower area of ​​the back cover attracts attention. This is the interface for connecting external modules. The company offers individual devices called Moto Mods, which will be discussed in more detail below.

The smartphone is available in three colors – silver, gold and dark gray. Note that the colors are not catchy and look reserved, so even the golden version can be bought without fear.


The Moto Z2 Play uses a 5.5-inch screen, made using Super AMOLED technology. The ratio of the display area to the front panel is quite decent – 70%. FullHD resolution, the density of pixels is 401 ppi. For the fragility of glass can not worry: it protects Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which provides good resistance to scratches. Oleophobic coating, of course, is also there.

It is not possible to see the pixels in the usual applications. Even bringing the smartphone close to the eyes, it will not be possible to immediately distinguish the "squares". The display has good brightness, and the colors are juicy – for this thanks AMOLED. Tone, by the way, not vyvvyglaznye that met similar matrices several years ago. The problem has long been resolved, and the advantages of technology before IPS are palpable.

The hardware component and the system

Moto Z2 Play received more powerful hardware than its predecessor. In the Moto Z Play model there was a Snapdragon 625 chip, and in the novelty a more advanced and powerful version of Snapdragon 626 was used. The eight-core processor runs at 2.2 GHz versus 2.0 GHz from the previous version. The graphics module is the same, Adreno 506. For the Russian market, only the top version is offered – with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage.

In the benchmarks, the updated iron has proved more than worthy. Yes, the results are more modest than the flagship devices – but the Moto Z2 Play is in another niche and performs in a different price range.

Testing, by the way, showed that the system copes well with heavy loads: in "heavy" games, such as Real Racing 3, the smartphone behaves decently. It's just right to ask whether it is worth overpaying twice as much for the flagships, which are better only on paper, but in reality show a comparable speed of work.

Moto Z2 Play is equipped with an NFC-chip. The device works perfectly with the Android Pay service, it supports contactless Mifare cards – you can top up the "Three" banalas without standing in line, and also pay for public transport using a smartphone.

Smartphone, which is nice, immediately works on the current version of Android 7.1.1 Nougat. A distinctive feature is that the system is "clean" – no shells. Android here is presented in the form in which it was thought by its developers, and this is the best option.

While setting up the device, the system offers to install a number of applications, but if you do not want, you can simply refuse – no binding. This is very pleased with the background of some manufacturers, which immediately clutter the new user's phone with a mass of programs of dubious necessity.

Motorola has added Moto Z2 Play an application with an uncomplicated name Moto. It contains a number of additional features that make it easier to work with a smartphone. In practice, they make daily operations more comfortable and enjoyable. For example, with an incoming call, you can take a gadget in your hand, and the melody will fade away – you've already seen the call, so you do not need to ring it. Or switching on the flashlight by shaking the phone – it turns out not only quickly, but also effectively.

Another beautiful feature is called Moto Display. It is responsible for viewing notifications on the locked display. The screen will flash if you simply hold a hand over it, at the same time you can quickly reply to the message.

When writing text on the go, holding the smartphone with one hand, you can use one finger movement (from the bottom to the top) to reduce the displayed surface of the application to make the message more convenient.

Finally, the camera is activated by a spectacular gesture – you need to double-rotate the brush while holding the Moto Z2 Play.


Moto Z2 Play received another photo module in comparison with the previous version of the smartphone. The camera has fewer megapixels – 12 versus 16. But, more importantly, the aperture has improved: f / 1.7 versus f / 2.0. Laser autofocus is left, the guidance on the desired object occurs almost instantly. Now the recording of Full HD video takes place at a speed of 60 frames per second, and 4K, as it was, is written at 30 fps.

Shooting in daylight is excellent: the system chooses the color balance well, it's almost never necessary to get into the settings. You can even play with macro: the smartphone is quickly focused, including on the objects that are near it "in front of your nose."

The front camera also got better: it still has 5 megapixels, but the aperture already equals f / 2.0 instead of f / 2.2. The flash is equipped with two diodes.

Working hours

The battery capacity of 3000 mAh will give up to two days of work, which can be considered an excellent indicator against the background of other smartphones. Also, the device supports fast charging, and the TurboPower adapter comes with it – you do not have to buy it separately. In 30 minutes, about 50% of the battery will be filled – this, consider, a light day. The smartphone receives power via USB Type-C, and this explains the high charge rate.

If you change the sparing mode of use to a more active one, you get about a day of work. With the scenario "all the money" from morning to night smartphone should be enough in any case. Of course, there are craftsmen who will land a battery in five to six hours, but in real life, we, at least for a little while, put off the smartphone for other things.

But Motorola has taken care of users who constantly work with a smartphone. One of the additional modules – Moto Turbopower Pack with an additional battery at 3490 mAh. Attaching it in a second to the smartphone, you will receive about a day of additional autonomous work. Let Moto Z2 Play become thicker because of this device, but it will ask the socket every 2.5-3.5 days for moderate use.

The Moto Mods family

Plug-in modules are becoming more and more, and they significantly expand the capabilities of the device – in fact, for this purpose Moto Mods were created.

Moto Gamepad turns the smartphone into a full-fledged PC game console – for example, PlayStation Portable or a fresh Nintendo Switch. There are two sticks, a cross, a set of buttons for actions and "bumpers" on the top face. And since the games require a lot of energy, the mod has a built-in 1035 mAh battery, so that additional controls do not take away the charge of the smartphone. Batteries Moto Gamepad will last up to eight hours of play – convenient for long trips.

Mod-column JBL Soundboost 2 eliminates the need to buy a portable speaker. Music of excellent quality (JBL, after all) will fill a room of quite large dimensions, and if you are going on a picnic, then there will not be much place for mods: it hooks one-touch to the smartphone and it's ready. In addition, for active recreation JBL Soundboost 2 is well prepared – the column is not afraid of sudden rain or splashes from the pool. Built-in batteries last for 10 hours of playback. At the same time the device can be used for talking on hands-free.

Moto Z2 Play uses high-quality optics, but if you seriously take a great interest in photography, you need something more impressive than a standard camera. For example, the Hasselblad True Zoom mod. The gadget provides a tenfold optical zoom and has a xenon flash. Pictures can be saved in RAW-format – what you need for further processing in graphic editors. With the attached mode, the smartphone is felt in the hand like a real camera – ergonomics at a high level, you can grab the device with your palm, and not keep it on the thin sides, as is usually the case with mobile photography.

Perhaps the most unusual mod – projector. It transfers the image to any surface at an angle of up to 70 degrees, and the built-in battery will provide an additional hour of use of the most interesting fashion. Opportunities open up a lot: from spectacular presentations to atmospheric gatherings behind a bonfire for watching films that are displayed on the wall of a tent or hut.

In addition, there are many panels with beautiful prints (wood or leather) that will help make the Moto Z2 Play more individual.


The smartphone will be released on the Russian market in August. The recommended price is 34,990 rubles. With all the features – two SIM and microSD, 4 GB of RAM, an excellent camera, good autonomy and "pure" Android – the cost is reasonable. The smartphone can only be nominally referred to the middle segment. If you look at the characteristics – yes, this is not the top level. However, for real use, the difference between this iron and the more powerful one is almost unnoticeable.

Is it worth to overpay a half time for the flagship tubes? When, say, you need an improved camera, you can spend several thousand rubles on an additional module to Moto Z2 Play, and not choose a more expensive smartphone. Motorola allows you to customize your gadget for your specific needs. But it is much more important that without modules the smartphone is perceived as an independent device, rather than a blank for installing additional blocks.

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