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The battles of robots " BRONEBOT " were created based on the first cult world shows of the 1990s ROBOT WARS which has been the most successful show of combat robots in the world for 13 years, "Formula 1" among robots. Participation in battles is accepted as veterans of the original show – English, Irish and American teams, and amateur teams from Russia – anyone can come to the fight. And now is the time to do it, because you are reading the official announcement BRONEBOT 2017 !

The next round of fights for fans of DIY robotics will be held in the Olympic. In the finals, the best Russian teams will compete against the champions of the original Robot Wars show. Will it be the beating of the babies or the overthrow of the champions – we will already know on October 29. If you want seats in the first row, then book your seats now . In the meantime, you can warm up the interest by looking at how it was last year.



Russian teams "Big Brother", "Weber" "," Solarbot "," Solarbot-Gerlz "and" Energy "are the winners of the 2014 Bronze Robot," Battles of robots "in Perm, participants of the world famous Robot Wars show in Great Britain, China and Kazakhstan! Their successful performances are largely due to the support of fans and technical partners among which are the companies Svarog, Kemppi, Weber Komehaniks, AURORA Mashzavod and others.

The combined team of Weber and Big Brother – the winner of the "Armorbote" 2016 – Took part in the filming of Robot Wars in England, the broadcast of the BBC is scheduled for this fall. For the sake of the HYIP next week, we will publish an exclusive interview with Big Brother about how they traveled to the UK, what came out of this, and most importantly, when the program with their participation was already broadcast. And so far no one knows how Russia performed at the world championships, it's not the case!


The main thing is that this year the Russian teams will not The first time and promise to finally give a worthy rebuff to the veterans of the English league – Torah, Ripper, Ken Opener and the legendary Beast. The full list of participants will be known at the end of August.


  1. The advanced robots of Russian teams – this time the teams had a whole year to prepare and valuable experience of past fights.
  2. A new, truly BIG arena with traps: "pits of oblivion", where robots-outsiders fall.
  3. "Hammer of Fate", knocking out all the nonsense of electronic brains.
  4. Baikonur is a pneumatic platform for launching the first combat robots into orbit.


    The battle of robots is an international format of the show, in which teams put forward their robots for fair fight, as a result of each round the jury evaluates them By several criteria.


    • Heavy weight – 100 kg robots.
    • The average weight is 50 kg robots.

    The final battle is a demonstration of the skills of the winning robot by the example of a battle with large household appliances or a metal structure (for example, a chubby old refrigerator in 200 kg)



    It is not always clear which of the robots gained the upper hand. Therefore, a scoring system is used, where each judge evaluates the robot by the following criteria:

    • Aggression – must constantly attack for maximum evaluation.
    • Damage – the number of strokes and damage caused.
    • Strategy – how correctly the robot used the enemy's weak spots, defended his own.
    • Management – how well managed the operator.

    Five-point system for each item: thus, the robot can earn up to 60 points for the fight, 20 for each judge.


    The prize pool this time is 500,000 rubles . About who and how he will get to be announced separately.

    If you want to come see – buy a ticket, and if you want to take part in battles with your robot, then write to us before it's too late!

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