MPCU-2-48 / SurprizingFacts

Today I want to tell a little and, most importantly, lay out the scan documentation for a very successful, in my opinion, Soviet PLC – microprocessor programmable cyclic device, abbreviated MPTSU-2-48,

General view.

I work as an electronics engineer in the wreckage of a large factory for the production of valves and pushers whose machine-building park is a wild vinaigrette of technology From the 60s of the last century to the present day. A rarity is still working on the pair of machines, it is built on the basis of the CPU of the 512h80a, up to 2kb of user RAM in KR188RU2A, 256 bytes of service RAM, up to 48 discrete inputs / outputs (24v, 0.5a). Input of the working program is possible via the remote control at the MPCU itself, or via the PC via the RS-232 interface. The safety of the program entered when the power is turned off is provided by 3/6 AA elements. Small mentions in the network of this device are mainly associated with using it as an industrial robot controller, it was also in our factory, but, like many other equipment, went into scrap. When debugging a machine, it is very useful and convenient to manually switch on a particular port. The command system is sharpened for implementation of the flowchart, which is also very convenient with simple programs.
A detailed description of the work in the documentation allowed my predecessors to remodel the memory module into the RFP1 / RF2 ROM programmer with processing programs, and also to create a "Frankenstein" – there were only 4 blocks in the frame-processor, memory with a modified ROM, a custom program, O modules. The + 5 +12 -5 feeds are supplied from an external source, the start command is automatically supplied when switched on using a capacitor with a resistor stuck in place of the control panel, there is no user RAM block.))
With the exception of the BP, which fails due to drying capacitors, the device is completely reliable and problem-free.
In the near future I will try to upload the Dumps of ROM.

The processor module.

Memory module – ROM and service RAM

Module outputs 16 * 24V * 0.5A

Primary converter. 150в 15-25кГц

Stabilizer + 5V

Stabilizer + 12V and -5V

The module of digital inputs. 16 * 24V

The control module

The control board

The control board

The battery pack of user RAM.

Technical description and user manual