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During the time that we were out, and on the eyes, and in the hands we got quite a lot of funny things, and we will try, of course, delicately about Them to tell. One of the toys that left a positive impression – a cube Rubik "Cube-Tastic". Maybe you'll like it too.

We all left the Gogolian "Overcoat" (s)

Now someone is reproached who is -with bewilderment, and someone and with some envy, perhaps, looks at those who spin the spinners in their hands. Moreover, the process of turning in the hands of something does not cause any questions: if you think about it, our generation has also twisted and twisted. That fashion included beads, then souvenir butterfly knives, well, and the classic, to which even today many are betrayed, is the Rubik's cube. It would be blasphemous to call it the old "spinner analog", but if desired, something common is found.

The cube is good because it amuses and develops, with both children and adults. The logical toy in this case changed with time and according to the form :

And by "content":

And, like much in this world, developed in the direction of "to simplify" – one of the ways to make the Rubik's cube was to become variants with fewer squares. Another is the auto-selection of the build algorithms. Cube-Tastic – this is about the second.

How it works

This works, first, as a regular Rubik's cube. That is, no special instruction is required. Structurally it is a classic 3×3 model with all the traditional twists and turns.

Unlike the "ordinary" surface design – not inferior stickers, but in the pressed circles:

Central with each Side is marked with a special icon. This is important for an application with which a logical toy "synchronizes". Synchronization is, of course, too loud a word, and it works quite simply: the sides are detected by the camera.

The application of Cube-Tastic is Russified, and there will be no questions about use.

Recognition begins from the red center:

Scan You need each of the parties in a certain sequence (the application prompts).

And after that, the softphone will calculate the necessary number of steps to build the cube, depending on the complexity of the mixing.

Well, it's all quite simple: turn on the prompt, temporarily or by manually switching screens with steps of the algorithm. After that – beauty!

The controversial moments we faced

Remember, probably, as Evstigneev's hero with the cry "do not, I myself" Broke his leg in the film Ryazanov. Here we ourselves, too, immediately tell you the reasons for criticism.

First, the very idea: a few, but the feedback that this "kills" the idea of ​​Rubik's cube and dulls the owner, were. We do not agree with this, because Rubik's cube is, he did not go anywhere.

Then, they say, the prices are bad. Well, let's say, it's cheaper than cubes. On Aliexpress, where would you go first – from a hundred. In Moscow, the cheap came across and for 190-200 rubles, if you do not look hard.

The big hope and the big disappointment was in "Auchan" – there the cube costs already 360 rubles!

And, there it was especially insulting to overpay, because it , Actually, tripled in the price of Aliexpress with the worst quality, but with the instruction.

Negligent stickers, and with not classical colors, and the general sensations from possession of pleasure do not cause.

Why are the colors important? Well, of course, because the app is assembled for a long time already for classical cubes. That is, like to "kill the idea" Cube-Tastic certainly did not start first.

There are two variants of the assembly: the scan camera and the manual clogging of colors, and in both cases – the cube from "Auchan" loses: To the diamonds application was not sensitive, and the colors – not native.

Visualization is also not so complicated, interactive, but it's a free application.

So, the price of the toy for which we started this post is 990 rubles! "All" or "Azh" – it's up to you to decide, but we would describe it as a "gift at the price of a souvenir."

In this case:

  • Pleasant to the touch
  • Cute to look at the
  • Interactive, aka "multifunctional"
  • Classics, in any way – that is, "not a spinner"

It is sold rather richly: in the original impressive box:

In general, it seemed initially interesting and amusing, and turned out to be so in the future, therefore, we recommend to take a closer look at the interested. To myself, whether as a gift – a little thing not of first necessity, but also worth lifting money.

Especially since we also have a classic 10% coupon for your patience:


To buy Cube-Tastic at a discount, you need to use the coupon: WUCCKS . It is valid when paying on the site, for which it is necessary to choose the appropriate method of payment in the basket.

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