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How is Mishiko arranged? Depends on how to look. For someone like this:

For others – like this:

It seems not too difficult. But before we tell the details (and show the board from the back), a small game. Look at the two pictures below. What is the correct answer to you? 1945 1945 [0000] ]

– Picture of the supermarket
– Work of art

Picture of the N2

Who is this?

– Supermodel
– A girl who easily "makes" you in the World of Tanks

Have you thought about it? And now the correct answers are:

Okay, it was easy – it's clear that we would not have thought it all that easy. So, in the picture N1 – a photograph of Andreas Gursky "99 cents", the most expensive picture in the world in 2007. In the picture N2 – Anna Kostenko, a well-known streamer World of Tanks.

But back to the collar

Why do we need this? As we said, the Mishiko GPS tracker also looks simple, too.

In fact, this is quite a high-tech device, which we are sincerely proud of and which have been developed completely in Russia. The technical director of Mishiko Andrey Filimonov will tell more about his "stuffing".

Mishiko motherboard from the back

Components of the tracker


1. Modem . We have a solution from Sierra Wireless, which combines a modem and a GPS module in one chip. I can not say that this turned out to be a very convenient solution due to a heap of technical nuances, but with his function he copes. Namely, it helps the device to find a 3G network, receive and send SMS and GPS data.

The tracker has a passive and active mode of operation. In passive mode, the device accumulates data in the internal memory (which is 8MB), but does not send them. When necessary, a special server sends a sms modem to the tracker to activate and start sending data to the application.

"Inside" Mishiko in all the details. The 8MB memory block is directly above the processor

2. The processor . In it the whole logic of the collar is concentrated. It is he who decides how and when the device should glow, blink, go into communication, fall asleep and be charged.

3. Antenna . We have a very good GPS antenna with a large signal gain. Better than on smartphones – but I will not disclose details, secret 🙂

What's special: when we cover our antenna with a lid, its characteristics change. And how exactly the characteristics will change – it is impossible to predict. Therefore, each of our antennas is laser calibrated during production.

GPS antenna Mishiko (right)

Calibration allows you to accurately set the desired characteristics of the antenna when working with the device, taking into account the parameters of the cover.

4. SIM-chip . Using a chip is a much more convenient solution than a conventional sim card.

In recent years, smartphones have gone very far technologically forward, and everything is going to complete the abolition of replacement sims.

The SIM chip is not stitched under any one operator. Specifically, in the GPS tracker Mishiko, it can connect to several operators, which we previously selected, depending on the level of communication. And the owner of the collar does not need to think "Which tariff should I choose?"

That's why Apple and Samsung want to quickly remove SIM slots from their devices and replace them with SIM-chips. Not to mention the best water resistance – but more on this already in the next paragraph.

How did we achieve the "water resistance" of our tracker

We had to sacrifice much: at least the same SIM card slot is the first problematic element with which it is very difficult to achieve protection from moisture.

Second – we had to get rid of the buttons. Absolutely. We have developed this logic for working with the gadget so that you do not have to use the buttons on the device once. There are a lot of faults associated with the buttons, and if the device is on the dog, it is simply inconvenient to press the buttons. What is important, through the buttons in the case can get water. So Mishiko simply does not have them.

Third – Mishiko does not have a charging connector. Absolutely. It is charged by means of a wireless Qi-charging station, which also plays into the hands of the waterproof tracker.

Finally, Bolts that attach parts of the hull have special silicone gaskets, which rarely anyone does. The body itself also has a silicone ring, giving maximum sealing. The remaining holes and cracks, where the water can get, we do not have.

The top cover of Mishiko – the photo shows the silicone protection of the hull from the water.

The program part

What chips does the device have on the part of the software? At a minimum, this is:
1. Auto update function . We wrote a special part of the server host, which is responsible for the software version of the device. Thus, we can remotely choose different versions and "firmware" branches for different series of devices.

If it's easier: the collar communicates with the server (most often during charging) and automatically updates the firmware.

2. Accelerometer with "dog PO" . The accelerometer itself is quite simple. But every dog ​​has its own step. Therefore, we invited specialists who calculated how dogs of different breeds walk and run, so that the algorithm works as accurately as possible, regardless of the breed of your pet. So, now the accelerometer accurately determines the activity for each of hundreds of rocks that are "sewn up" into the Mishiko algorithm.

3. Calculation of the activity rate for each dog
After the data on the number of steps your dog has received (see last paragraph), we use this data in our formula for calculating activity. It will help to understand whether your dog is active enough, considering its weight, height at the withers, and breed and even sex. We developed the formula together with veterinarians and although we do not guarantee a medical level of accuracy, but we see that the data are "working". And most importantly, you can support a sufficient "run" of your dog for a day 🙂

If you keep a Husky in an apartment, then – for a minute – you do not need 20 minutes of walks per day. An adult Husky needs to run 5-7 kilometers 4 times a week – and with Mishiko you do not have to keep these figures in your head: you can just look at all the statistics in the application and adjust the length of walks with the dog.

4. Emergency mode in the case of low charge

When the battery of the device is running low (<10%), the operating mode of Mishiko changes fundamentally. The device goes into an energy efficient mode, which "wakes up" only when receiving a request from the application.

At the moment before the battery is fully discharged, the device finds its GPS coordinates for the last time and sends the "last" location data via SMS to the server. So that the owner of the dog could see the latest information about where his dog was at the time of discharge.

In the following publications we plan to tell more about each component of Mishiko. What causes the most questions? Processor-Memory Interaction? Energy saving? Operation of the SIM chip? Ask, and in the following texts we will answer all the details.

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