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Hello! We are talking about the line of collaborative robots-manipulators Universal Robots.

The company Universal Robots is from Denmark, it manufactures collaborative robotic manipulators for automation of cyclic production processes. In this article, we give their main technical characteristics and consider the fields of application.

What is this?

The company's products are represented by a line of three lightweight industrial handling devices with an open kinematic chain: UR3, UR5, UR10.

All models have 6 degrees of mobility: 3 portable and 3 orienting. Devices from Universal Robots produce only angular displacements.

Robotic manipulators are divided into classes, depending on the maximum allowable payload. Other differences are the radius of the working area, the weight and the diameter of the base.

All UR manipulators are equipped with absolute precision position sensors that simplify integration with external devices and equipment. Due to the compact design, UR manipulators do not take up much space and can be installed in work sections or on production lines where conventional robots do not fit.


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UR3 – 2,814,000 rubles.
UR5 – 3,266,250 rubles.
UR10 – 4 170 750 rubles.

What is interesting

The Simplicity of programming

Specially developed and patented programming technology allows operators who do not have special skills to quickly configure the UR robotic manipulators and manage them using intuitive 3D visualization technology. Programming takes place by a series of simple movements of the manipulator's body to the required positions, or by pressing arrows in a special program on the tablet.




Quick Configuration

The operator performing the initial equipment start-up will need less than an hour to unpack, install and program the first simple operation.


Collaborativeness and Security

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Manipulators UR are able to replace operators performing routine tasks in hazardous and polluted conditions. In the control system, external disturbing influences are applied to the robot manipulator during operation. Due to this, the UR manipulation systems can be operated without safety barriers, next to the personnel workplaces. Robot safety systems are approved and certified by the TÜV – the Union of German Technical Supervisors.



The variety of working organs

The variety of working organs [
At the end of the industrial manipulators UR provides a standardized fastening for the installation of special tools. Between the working element and the final link of the manipulator, it is possible to install additional modules of torque-sensitive sensors or cameras.

Application possibilities

With industrial robot manipulators UR, there are opportunities to automate virtually all cyclic routine processes. Devices of the company Universal Robots have proven themselves in various fields of application.


The installation of the UR manipulators in the sections of the transfer and packing allows to increase the accuracy and shrinkage. Most of the rearranging operations can be carried out without supervision.

Polishing, Buffering, grinding

The built-in sensor system makes it possible to control the accuracy and uniformity of the applied force on curvilinear and uneven surfaces.


The high accuracy of repetitive motions allows the use of UR robots for polymer processing and injection molding tasks.

Servicing of machine tools with numerical control

The shell protection class provides the possibility of installing manipulation systems for working together with CNC machines.

Packing and stacking

Traditional automation technologies are cumbersome and expensive. Easy-to-customize UR robots are able to work without protective screens next to employees or without them 24 hours a day, providing high accuracy and productivity.

Quality Assurance

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A robotic manipulator with video cameras is suitable for carrying out three-dimensional measurements, which is an additional guarantee of the quality of the output.


Location [
A simple attachment device allows the UR robots to be fitted with suitable auxiliary mechanisms necessary for the assembly of parts from wood, plastic, metal and other materials


The control system makes it possible to control the developed moment in avoiding excessive tightening and providing the required tension.

] Bonding and welding

The high accuracy of positioning of the working element allows to reduce the amount of waste during the operations of gluing or applying substances.

Industrial robots-manipulators UR can perform various types of welding: arc, point, ultrasonic and plasma.


Industrial manipulators from Universal robots are compact, light, easy to learn and handle. Robots UR – a flexible solution for a wide range of tasks. Manipulators can be programmed for any actions inherent in the movements of the human hand, and rotational movements are much better. Manipulators are not characterized by fatigue and fear of injury, do not need breaks and days off.

Solutions from Universal Robots allow you to automate any routine process, which increases the speed and quality of production.

Discuss the tasks of automating production processes using manipulators from Universal Robots with an official dealer – in the Top 3D Shop.

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