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Hello SurprizingFacts!
Literally 2 days ago we received a production sample of our new design of a personal computer DNK | PRIME. And now we want to share it with quick testing. Just want to make a reservation that we decided to take a risk and installed the hottest of the 4 core processors Core i7-6700K (91W). Unfortunately, with the ID-Cooling IS-40V3 cooler, the processor failed the Prime95 stress test with the open side covers and after a few minutes began to understate the frequency. Probably this is a problem of our cooler, but anyway, we have underestimated the processor power voltage by -0.12v, which did not affect the speed and stability of the CPU.

So, the test results in the following configuration:

  • The processor: Intel Core i7-6700K
  • Motherboard: ASUS Z170I PRO GAMING
  • Video Card: Gigabyte GTX1060 3G mini ITX
  • RAM: 2 x 8G DDR4 2400 Kingston HyperX
  • PCI-e SSD: LITEON T10 240G M.2 2280
  • HDD: 2 x Seagate 1Tb 2.5 HDD (ST1000LM014) (RAID 0)
  • Cooling System: ID-Cooling IS-40V3
  • Power Supply: Corsair SF450

The following test programs were used for testing:

  • Prime95 (CPU stress test)
  • FurMark (GPU stress test)
  • In the game test, we played Doom at the maximum settings and resolution of 2560×1440
  • While testing the PCI-e SSD, various 90Gb files were copied from the folder to the folder

All temperatures in one plate:
All revolutions of the propellers:

At first glance, high temperatures of the PCI-e SSD are conspicuous. But as practice shows, these drives are hot enough. We tested Samsung one year ago, so it managed to warm up in the open case to 78ÂșC, which is a normal situation. Here, cooling of the internal space is occupied by the power supply unit, as in the classic desktops.

In general, the system turned out to be very quiet and it became audible only during games, video coding and other high loads. The power supply fan starts to work at medium loads, and the fan on the video card – when running games, or applications using its resources. We were satisfied with the results of testing and the appearance of the sample. The lamellar cooling system design showed excellent cooling efficiency in a compact system and an original appearance. Judging by the results of testing the video card, it is possible to install a more powerful GTX 1070. As we wrote earlier, all design details are made from aluminum on CNC machines. This made it possible to make the structure very durable and with a wonderful finishing finish. The absence of holes at the top of the design protects all components of the system from the penetration of liquids and metal objects inside, which completely corresponds to the European standard for PC cases with internal power supplies.

After minor improvements, we launch design into production. We sincerely regret the delay for those who have already issued pre-orders. The new start date of dispatches is the end of August, the beginning of September. Sorry, but quality is first.

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A small gallery of the test configuration:






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Thank you!

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