Rating of the sexiest girls of the world!


Want to know who excites men's hearts in 2017?

The most sexy girls, according to experts from the gloss and show business. 10 delightful beauties who will not leave anyone indifferent.

10. Sofia Vergara

This sexy Latin American actress began her career with a role in advertising Pepsi, and after that she was able to become one of the most famous girls of South America and become famous in Hollywood.

For many years the name of Sofia Vergara has not left the ratings of the most beautiful women in the world. And this is quite deserved, because the elderly actress already knows how to look after herself and looks 44-years-old sexier than many young girls.

9. Beyoncé

The luxurious singer with chocolate skin again got into all the ratings of the sexiest beauties of the planet, despite the coming pregnancy.

The height of the famous dancer and actress is only 168 cm, her average weight is 64 Kg, and the volume in the hips – as much as 100 cm. Surprisingly, according to Beyonce's photo in a swimsuit, it is almost impossible to determine. The star looks attractive and appetizing.

Perhaps the secret of Beyonce is that a dark-skinned pop diva knows how to love himself and remain confident in any circumstances. It is this approach that helps to achieve success in creativity, show business and personal life.

8. Brooklyn Decker

A young American model and actress became famous not long ago, but already conquered the hearts of millions of men around the world. Brooklyn Decker started her career with a model in Victoria's Secret, so on any site where the most beautiful naked girls are gathered, there are some of her photos in a bikini.

The images created by Brooklyn Decker inspire both fashion designers and teenage girls, and of course, appreciate beautiful men.

We hope that thanks to its excellent external data and acting talent, Brooklyn will become even more famous, And year after year will please us with new candid photos.

7. Cheryl Tweedie Cole

The famous TV presenter and singer rightfully wears the title of the owner of the most seductive body of Great Britain.

The appearance of Cheryl is admired by both men and women. A star intends not to stop there and soon begin a solo career. So let us wish her success in this.

6. Emma Stone

A popular movie actress with an unforgettable hoarse voice is actually a natural blonde. Forced to dye her hair in dark colors for the sake of roles in Hollywood blockbusters, Emma was so used to her new image that she became a brown-haired woman in ordinary life. And you know, this American diva goes absolutely any color and shade of hair.

Emma Stone gets into the ratings of the type "The most sexy girls of the world" every year. And looking at her photo, you understand that she got the title of Hollywood sex bomb completely deservedly.

The last film with Emma in the title role is the recently released La La Land ". Look at it to fully enjoy the appearance and forms of a seductive celebrity.

5. Marisa Miller

One of the sexiest photomodels of the planet is rightly Marisa Miller. She managed to visit the face of Victoria's Secret and decorate the covers of fashionable glossy magazines.

Let Marisa now devote more time to her husband and child than a modeling career, her photos remain the same Same popular on the Internet. Therefore, Marisa still does not leave the rating of the hottest beauties of the world.

4. Kate Upton

Kate Upton model has non-standard parameters for this profession, but blew up the world of show business with her loud debut in 2011. Since then, she has acted in film to advertise many brands of clothing and underwear and has decorated herself with countless covers of glamorous magazines.

And, looking at her fascinating photographs, it's hard to imagine that in Teenage age Kate Upton was a pretty ugly girl. Success and popularity came to her through hard work on herself and fantastic luck.

Kate is an excellent rider, it is equestrian sport that allows her to keep herself in shape, despite the natural inclination to fullness. Every year the mouth-watering figure of Kate advertises new and new collections of underwear and swimwear. A beautiful sight, is not it?

3. Candice Swainpole

Surprisingly, this light-skinned and blond model was born in South Africa. Even more incredible it seems that in her hometown Kandis was engaged in housekeeping and even took birth in cows. But once a girl on the market noticed a model agency recruiter, and since then Candace's life has completely changed.

Now Candice Swainpole is known as the Victoria's Secret, and she is one of the popular girls Peace. According to Forbes magazine, Candice is among the top five most highly paid models, her annual income exceeds $ 5 million.

2. Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder is a real star in the genre of candid photos. Look at at least one of her images and you will understand why this girl was recognized as the Greatest Breast of Great Britain.

Lucy's modeling career began accidentally, a future celebrity noticed one photographer on the beach and suggested Her contract. But do not think that it is famous only because of its magnificent forms. The girl leads her column in a popular magazine, is shot on television and writes a book that will be published soon.

We hope that this work will become as outstanding as the bust of Lucy Which, by the way, is completely natural).

1. Melanie Iglesias

The most hot girl in 2016 was recognized as Latin American Melanie Iglesias. This admirable beauty is not only a sexual model, but also a talented composer and a beginning singer.

According to Maxim's men's magazine, hundreds of thousands of men dream of owning Melanie's soul and body The world. But the heart of the sultry beauty is still free, about what she writes in social networks.

Maybe one of our readers will risk and become that lucky?

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