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For the sake of public safety it is necessary to introduce the principle of universal verification of users this can be done only from the moment the citizen receives a passport – From the age of 14.

(C) Vladimir Petrov.

Law-makers, once again want to "count all", as reported in Izvestia. This time the deputies of the Leningrad region distinguished themselves, they drafted a bill that would oblige Russians to register in social networks under real passport data, and for violation of the registration rules – fine: users from 1 to 3 thousand rubles, and social network from 100 to 300 thousand.

There was a traditional "caring for children". Citizens under the age of 14 are planning to completely prohibit the use of social networks, and parents who did not follow the child should be fined 2,000 if the child registers "where not necessary." Up to a heap – накидали any trifles, type prohibition of propagation of tobacco, alcohol, nonconventional sex and all bad. It is also forbidden to sell goods to minors through social networks. This is rather strange, given the ban on registration for children under 14.

Cherry on the cake – a ban on the publication of information on uncoordinated rallies.

But Vladimir Petrov – calms everyone in advance:

No one is trying to impose censorship or restrict freedom of speech. Verification and strict control over the authenticity of names will only strengthen the price of one's own opinion and virtual communication.

The owner of torrents The adviser under President Klimenko – in doubt:

I am not a lawyer, but the definition of social network looks Very vague, and under it fall all resources with communication between registered visitors. But what about unregistered? Registration under your own name without pseudonyms also raises many questions.

It is too early to talk about the prospects of the bill, but, given recent events, the general tendency of tightening nuts and a maniacal desire to monitor everyone and everyone – he has chances. Especially if you remember that Russian Internet restrictors actively consult on these issues with their Chinese counterparts.

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