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Smart watches have not yet become a truly massive gadget. However, in the era of the mobile phone in each pocket is not so often possible to meet even the usual wristwatch. Nevertheless, smart watches took their niche, and after a long break we offer you a review of the next model – ASUS ZenWatch 3.

Technical characteristics

: : 512 MB RAM
Operating system : Android Wear
Operating system [Datastorage: 4GB eMMC
Display : AMOLED, 1.39 inches, 400 x 400 pixels, 287 ppi
Sensors : 6-axis gyroscope and Accelerometer
Sound : built-in microphone
Accum : [1,310 W / h, 340 mAh, lithium-ion]
Features :
Protective glass Gorilla Glass (slightly convex).
Moisture protection according to IP67
Bluetooth 4.1
Charger : output 5 V, 1.4 A, 10 W
Dimensions : 45 x 45 x 9.9-10.6 mm (W x Г x В)
Weight : 60 gr. With a strap, 48 gr. Without a strap.

External appearance

Unlike previous models of ZenWatch (1, 2), the third version gravitates to the classic male design: a round dial of large diameter, a thick case made of stainless steel 316L, massive protruding buttons.

The case and all the metal details of the strap have a beautiful dark black-brown coating ("gun metal"). Around the dial and around the perimeter of the case below the buttons there are decorative rings of bronze shade.

The top button is customizable, it can be assigned to launch any application or function. The central button is responsible for turning on / off the screen, going to the desktop and resetting the device. The lower button can activate the power-saving mode and the mode "In the airplane."

In addition to the "weapon metal", there are versions of "red gold" and "silver", both with beige straps. All three versions of the watch are offered either with an elastomeric or with a leather strap. On the review was a model with a strap of a thin elastomer with a fine relief texture for textile weaving.

The watch cover contains contacts for charging and slotting the speaker. Along with the screw fastenings, locks are clearly visible, allowing to remove and replace the strap.

Despite its massive exteriority, the clock is relatively light. Elastomer, and even textured, reliably keeps the watch in the right position: they have no tendency to move along or around the wrist. By the way, the choice of this material is justified: unlike the skin, the elastomer does not lose its appearance so fast, it does not darken from sweat, does not absorb moisture and odors.

The charger in the form of a flattened ring comes with the clock. A flat wire can be inserted into a special recess so that the charging can be beautifully laid on the table.

It's just as nice to put a watch on them to look up at the clock, it will not work. It's all about the design of the straps to the body: they are made at such an angle to look like a continuation of the strap, when the watch is worn on the hand. It looks beautiful, but the watch can not be put on a table, the elastic strap actively tries to curl up into a ring. You can put it on your side or on the dial.

The manufacturer took care of this and added a special stand to the kit, on which the watch is conveniently placed on one side. In the test specimen, the stand was lost, but you can see it in this illustration:

If you really need to watch the clock face up, you can contrive and find a balance position.

Charging reliably "sticks" to the clock on the magnets, and only in the correct position, the contacts To contacts.


ZenWatch 3 is equipped with a round display with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. The pixel density is 287 ppi, the slightly protruding protective glass of Gorilla Glass.

The image looks smooth, stepless, although if you have very good eyesight, you can see the individual pixels.

The clock is equipped with an ambient light sensor, so that the brightness of the display changes automatically. Even with bright enough light, the image is read well. At the same time, energy is saved very hard: in just 4-5 seconds of inactivity, the display goes into a waiting state: the current time and a couple of icons are clearly visible on a black background.


The watch is running Android Wear 1.5.0 (Android 6.0.1).

Next, you need to put the Android Wear application on your smartphone and perform the clock binding to the smartphone via Bluetooth, during which the system on the clock will be updated, And the data is synchronized.

If you activate the clock – touch the display or press the center button – and say the phrase "Ok, Google", then the menu is activated in which you can quickly set the timer, alarm clock, run the fitness application, List of cases for the current day, and much rugoe. A voice can be dictated by a note, an e-mail, open a contact and call.

If Swipe the menu to the right, then a list of available applications opens. Among them are two fitness applications:

Google Fit:

and ASUS Fit:

In the menu, you can configure the launch of something when you press the top button. It can be:

If you go to the "Settings", then opens an extensive list of options:

The clock supports a series of gestures , Allowing you to control the contents of the screen with the movements of your hands. For example, if you sharply twist your wrist from yourself and immediately to yourself, then this is the command to scroll the screen. If you cover the clock with the other hand, then they will go into standby mode, as in the timer of inactivity; The same gesture can quickly turn off the sound of an alarm or a bell. If you sharply lower your hand with the clock, then this is the choice of notification and its opening, and so on. In case you forget what gestures the watch recognizes, you can always go through a short training.

Among other things, you can adjust the volume of sounds, change the ring tone on the clock, connect to Wi-Fi (password must be entered on the smartphone).

At the first start on the clock is a dial:

If you click on it and hold your finger, you will be prompted to change the design, a large number of all kinds of dials are available:

[1945900] 3] Among the dial-like wallpapers, you can choose the theme "Photo", when on the screen the photo views selected by the developers simply change:

Also pay attention to the application ZenWatch Manager, which is placed on smartphone. Through it you can change the dials, put on the clock application and manage all kinds of settings and content of the clock. For example, 4 GB of internal memory can be filled with all sorts of files. Let's say you fill a collection of your favorite music and listen to it right on the clock. Or even create a photo album, although you need to have good eyesight to look at photos on such a screen.

Duration of work

The watch supports the function of accelerated charging, for 15 minutes they are charged by 60%. And the duration of the full charge is about 2 hours. Thanks to a more economical processor – and in a smart watch it's one of the main energy consumers – ZenWatch 3 work much longer than the previous model, I had them "live" up to 30 hours. If desired, you can buy an extra battery, which is placed in place of the charger and further prolongs the work. Of course, the clock is 1.5 times thicker, but this is a common compromise in the current development of battery technology.


ZenWatch 3 is much more like a classic clock than the first and second ZenWatch. At the same time they are much more attracted to the male audience by design, although some of the ladies might like the version of "red gold". In general, the version of the watch that was on the review, it seems to me more universal from the point of view, under what clothes they fit. The first and second ZenWatch looked more like a purely office clock, and the third model is well combined with a variety of styles of clothing, including "Friday" and sports. In addition, ZenWatch 3 works noticeably longer.

Recommended retail price: from 18,990 rubles. Up to 21,990 rubles, depending on the cover of the case and the strap material.

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