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Recently, the company BlueStacks introduced a new version of its "application player" for Android on Windows. I already wrote several times about this platform (plus interviewed the head of the company), so this time I could not pass by. In general, I paid attention to BlueStacks by chance: a year and a half ago, Bethesda released Fallout 4, and with it a game for mobile systems Fallout Shelter. I then really wanted to play in the first and second.

There is no problem with the first – take the console and play. But with Fallout Shelter, it's not so simple. The fact is that my mobile phone, Sony Experia T3, by characteristics so far behind the requirements for the game, that Google Play did not even show me the Fallout Shelter when searching. Having come from the laptop, I saw the game, but when I tried to install it on the phone I received a message that the mobile device does not support this game. There were two solutions to this problem at once.

The first is to take the daughter of the tablet (Samsung Galaxy 2) and put the toy on it. The problem was that my daughter did not agree to give me a tablet so I could play. So I started looking for an alternative and found – Android emulators under Windows. After studying a couple of articles, I realized that one of the best is BlueStacks. After downloading it, I got used to it, tried to install the game and realized that everything was fine.

As mentioned above, all this happened about a year and a half ago. I then podzabrosil game, filling all the shelter with happy inhabitants, robots, equipment and doing everything that is possible. But I remembered it now, having learned that the developers have added a bunch of different functions and novelties. Well, I went along the already well-trodden path – downloaded the BlueStacks from the official site, already the third version.

After the download, the installer appears, which downloads the necessary files and installs BlueStacks. By the way, I tested the work of this platform on a Sony Vaio laptop with the following characteristics:

  • RAM – 8 GB DDR 3;
  • The processor is Intel Pentium;
  • Graphics – Intel HD;
  • The drive is SSD 128 GB;
  • OS – Windows 10, 64-bit version;
  • The model of the laptop – Sony Vaio sve171e13v

Not the fastest hardware platform, as you can see. As far as I remember, initially BlueStacks worked without lags. About a couple of months after installation, I deleted it, and six months later I put it again. And for the second time after installation, for some reason, he worked very slowly. This involved several applications, including Wallapop. Soft is a "buy-sell" platform where local people display goods, and you can often buy something at a very good price.

Installing the third version, I doubted that my laptop will pull it.

The installation was executed brightly. Here, perhaps, more merit is the SSD, yet with it everything works faster. After the installation was made, there appeared such a colorful window.

After this, as usual, I got acquainted with the possibilities of software. I must say that nothing slowed down at this stage, which I was surprised at, remembering the second version.

And, finally, the final tuning, after which it was possible to begin to explore the capabilities of the program.

As with any Android platform, we set up all the data, specify the name, language and other options that we prefer.

It's clear that without a Google account you can not do anything, so we'll enter it. I did not create a new one, I used the data of my existing account. As far as we can understand, Bluestacks is more focused on games, which is probably why the "Application Center" displays the most popular toys from the Google directory Play. Generally speaking, the interface is convenient. There are three tabs "My Apps", "Application Center" and "Feedback".

By the way, another moment. Immediately after installation, the program began to strongly recommend that Bluestacks be accelerated with VT-x virtualization. This can be done in the BIOS by enabling the appropriate option. I downloaded the program to check if this option was available, soft showed that you can do it without problems. But since everything worked well, I did not go to BIOS.

The interface has undergone significant, I would even say, drastic changes. This applies to both appearance and functionality. The application center in the process of work is adjusted to the interests of the user. Of course, if you work with Bluestacks a couple of times a month, there will not be any special changes, but if you use the player often, the display window will change soon. Yes, a big plus is the multi-windowed BlueStacks. Different applications open in tabs, like in a browser, and each of them can be used at any time.

Immediately after installation, I uploaded the Fallout Shelter. Everything, as usual: the application requires a number of permissions, we agree with everything and the game is downloaded.

Yes, everything is fixed, you can play. By the way, the developers say that now the platform is working with a new graphics engine, which was named Hyper-G. It allows you to use all available at the time of the game computer resources to work with the application (read – the game). The graphic component remains at the maximum possible settings. When running on a PC, the game schedule does not deteriorate.

By the way, besides Fallout, I downloaded one more application, Wallapop, mentioned above. Running ahead, I will say that with him everything was not as smooth as with Fallout. Sometimes it did not work at all, sometimes it worked perfectly, once the program took off with such a message.

Here you can say that Wallapop in general itself is buggy. I ran it on various mobile devices, and on any of them this application sometimes behaved very strange. Then the messages in PM were interrupted, the program crashed, then notifications were not shown. Most likely, in the glitches, Wallapop itself is more to blame than the BlueStacks.

But back to Fallout. Here the big plus in the game is the ability to control the mouse and, if desired, also the keyboard. It is clear that mobile games are sharpened under the touch screen, but in many cases a full game with a keyboard and mouse is more convenient than a screen. And on 17 inches you can consider more details than on 5.5 inches.

There were no problems with Fallout, not even once. Sound, control, etc. Work fine. The download speed is about the same as on the mobile device. The processor loads the program heavily. But I have an old processor, I want to replace everything with a more powerful one, but I can not get my hands on it.

The Play Store looks like usual, nothing appeared or was lost.

But the interface of the game itself, in full-screen mode (yes, you can play in the window, and you can in full screen).

As for other games or applications, they can be downloaded in the same "Application Center". All programs here are ranked by popularity among users. When you click on any of them appears information about the game with screenshots, reviews and other data.

If necessary, then you can work (or play) from different accounts on Google Play. For this purpose there is a special option "Multi-window". In addition, programs can be installed directly using .apk files.

The plus is that the interface of the BlueStacks player, although it contains quite a few options, is not oversaturated with details. All elements are distributed rationally, so there is no need to dig for the required function. Of course, I did not use all the features of the program, but it seemed easy to work with it.

By the way, there are two versions of BlueStacks – paid and free. The first from the second differs presence of advertising, all functions are included. Advertising is shown before downloading applications and looks like this.

In the first part of the player, I remember, it was about the same, only the advertisement was shown much more often, which was very annoying when working with any application. Here it happens rarely, so nerves manage to be saved.

Well, at last I decided to get information about the performance of my "mobile device" using the AnTuTu Benchmark program.

AnTuTu made me download another application, 3DBench. Well, we download. After that, testing started.

After about five minutes of various tests I got this result:

As for the phone model that BlueStacks "pretends", in my case it's Motorola.

Requirements for BlueStacks to the system

The minimum
• OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3 (32 bit),
• RAM: 2 GB or more;
• Disk space: 4 GB or more;
• Updated drivers for the graphics adapter;
• Internet connection.

• OS: Windows 10, Windows 7;
• Processor: Intel Core i5-680 with virtualization technology;
• Graphics: Intel HD 5200 or higher;
• RAM: 6 GB or more;
• Disk space: 40 GB or more, an SSD drive;
• Updated drivers for the graphics adapter;
• Broadband Internet connection.

My laptop does not reach the recommended system characteristics, but everything works well. Obviously, on a faster machine, Bluestacks will prove better, here the more resources available, the better.

As a conclusion

The application player turned out to be smart, capable of reproducing "heavy" applications, including games and other programs, without any problems. Sometimes, rarely, there are problems like crashing out an application while working. But I watched this only with Wallapop, so it's hard to say if BlueStacks is to blame for this or the program itself. The third version I liked more than the second, because it is faster, the interface is improved, a number of features are added.

It can be used by both application developers and ordinary users. As for ordinary users, the program allows you to easily play any Android game on the PC (for example, if the phone is not compatible with the game, as in my case, but I want to play – there are no forces) or work with any application (same Instagram, for example). Well, developers can test their applications with different system configurations, checking the work of programs in the "field conditions". Of course, it is desirable to use a PC or laptop more easily, so that there are no problems with performance.

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