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there are no mountains there wizards do not turn off, but quite self-keep within the limits of reasonable abilities, without wunderfaul and super abilities.

Really? The Gardens of the Moon Chapter 2
"She saw the Kenryl demon appear next to the Night Cool. Gruffly laughing, the giant tore it to pieces. He began to devour her when Bellurdan appeared. The Corporal giant roared as the demon stabbed him in the chest with claws the size of a knife blade. Ignoring the wounds and bloodshed, the mage grabbed the demon's head with his hands and squeezed it.
A'Caronis let out a drop of fire from his hands, until they gathered in a ball and closed the Moon Seed. Then the monstrous ice wings blocked the little fat magician, turning him into an icy statue. A moment later, it crumbled to dust.
Magic raged around Tayscrenna, which was still on a dilapidated black hill. He managed to beat aside the streams that overtook the soldiers on the plain. Through all the noise that filled the air, through the shroud of ashes and the cries of the Ravens, through the roar of crumbling rocks and the screams of the wounded and dying, through the chilling blood of the demons chasing the soldiers – through all this broke thunder that accompanied all the actions of Tayscrenna. Huge pieces of rock, knocked down from the surface of the Moon Seed and enveloped in flame, pillars of black smoke fell upon Zasek, turning the city into its own grave. "
Then there are also the gods appear.
Yes, there are some specific interests there, as in all these books. But it does not make them better or more fun. Because there is a "Song of Fire and Ice", where it is really interesting to watch for different conflicting interests and there is all this passage of fantasy.

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