Service to determine the belonging of the date to the day off / SurprizingFacts

Good afternoon, colleagues! Most recently, I decided to share my small project related to the definition of a day off (there is very little word "coming out", that is, belonging to the day off). I needed it when I made a plan for urgent backups and their transfusion from one office to another so as not to disturb users during working days.

The main essence of the project is simple – in 1-2 lines of code to find the day off or not.

While it is possible to check only 1 day, only for Russia and starting from 2010 (by the way, you can find the full list of downloaded years and countries here).

For verification, for example, July 24, 2017, it is necessary and sufficient:

  curl https://isdayoff.ru/20170724

The answer is 0 which means a weekday. Similarly, you can check any day in this and previous years. If an incorrect date is given, the answer will be 100 .
In the process of solving the problem, I considered analogues, the most striking of all, is http://basicdata.ru/api/calend/ and http://xmlcalendar.ru/

1. Too (too-too) a lot of information (it is necessary to parse, on bash it is difficult to do it – it's easier just to get a ready response from the service)
2. And where is https?

  1. Add more countries (at least ex-USSR countries)
  2. Add output formats for JSON / XML / YAML
  3. Add advanced mode

I will be very glad if the service adds users (of course, this will affect the speed of development and addition of features) and is always happy to talk to Telegram and by mail andrey@esin.name